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New House Reps Say They'll Fulfill Economic Pledges

12/30/2010 9:45:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Job Stats Show Record Gains Since '08 Decline

12/30/2010 2:50:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Incoming Congress Will Kill Energy Bill, Exec Predicts

12/29/2010 10:33:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Cut As You Go,|House GOP Suggests

12/29/2010 12:05:00 AM   Avery Fellow

Truckers to Face New Cap on Time Behind the Wheel

12/27/2010 10:16:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Nuclear Arms Treaty|Advances in Senate

12/21/2010 9:48:00 PM   Avery Fellow

GOP Senators Balk|at New START Treaty

12/21/2010 12:15:00 AM   Avery Fellow

Senate Votes for Gays to|Serve Openly in Military

12/20/2010 5:03:00 PM   Avery Fellow

GOP Senators Slam|Arms Reduction Treaty

12/17/2010 11:58:00 PM   Avery Fellow

House Passes $858B Bill Extending Tax Cuts

12/17/2010 3:32:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Obama Speaks of 'Fragile' Gains in Afghan War

12/16/2010 9:57:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Senate Votes 81-19 to|Pass Tax-Cut Extension

12/15/2010 8:54:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Senate Debates Deal|to Extend Tax Cuts

12/14/2010 11:20:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Richard Holbrooke, U.S. Ambassador, Dies at 69

12/14/2010 3:51:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Senate Votes to Extend|Bush-Era Tax Cuts

12/13/2010 11:50:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Vermont Senator Delays|Vote on Obama's Tax Plan

12/11/2010 2:26:00 AM   Avery Fellow

Senate & House Dems|At Odds on Obama Taxes

12/9/2010 10:16:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Regulators Tighten Belt| on Credit Unions

12/9/2010 6:31:00 PM   Avery Fellow

High Court Mulls Credit Card Rate Increases

12/8/2010 11:27:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Justices Hear Arizona|Immigration Case

12/8/2010 10:08:00 PM   Avery Fellow

High Court Tackles Post-Sentencing Procedure

12/7/2010 3:37:00 AM   Avery Fellow

Lawyers Argue Veteran's|Case in Supreme Court

12/6/2010 10:37:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Deficit-Reduction Plan|Sinks With Majority Vote

12/3/2010 8:58:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Debt Commission's Plan|Sinks With Majority Vote

12/3/2010 5:43:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Economy Adds 39K Jobs as Unemployment Hits 9.8%

12/3/2010 3:36:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Justices Consider Bid|for Reflexive Litigation

12/2/2010 1:02:00 AM   Avery Fellow

High Court Mulls Navy's|Use of FOIA Exemption

12/1/2010 9:45:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Supreme Court Reviews|ERISA Reliance Standard

12/1/2010 12:03:00 AM   Avery Fellow

High Court Hears Calif.|Prison Overcrowding Case

11/30/2010 11:49:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Five Years Is Too Long|in Habeas Case

11/29/2010 11:53:00 PM   Avery Fellow

High Court Examines R.I. Criminal Procedure Case

11/29/2010 11:22:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Obama Pardons 2 Turkeys

11/24/2010 8:54:00 PM   Avery Fellow

TSA Chief Says Most Won't Undergo Pat-Downs

11/23/2010 7:07:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Former NSA Chiefs Optimistic|About Mideast Peace Talks

11/22/2010 10:51:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Senate OK's $4.5B Settlement|for Black Farmers and Indians

11/22/2010 4:49:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Republicans Detail Plan|for GOP-Controlled House

11/19/2010 9:03:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Ethics Committee Votes to|Censure Rep. Charlie Rangel

11/19/2010 5:05:00 PM   Avery Fellow

TSA Head Defends Pat-Downs

11/16/2010 10:57:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Rangel Found Guilty|of 11 Ethics Violations

11/16/2010 8:31:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Rep. Rangel Walks Out|on House Ethics Trial

11/15/2010 4:42:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Congress Gets Ready|for Lame-Duck Session

11/12/2010 10:11:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Obama Firm on No Tax Cut for Nation's Richest

11/12/2010 4:48:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Railroad Tax Case|Argued in High Court

11/11/2010 12:46:00 AM   Avery Fellow

Supreme Court Tackles Immigration Gender Bias

11/11/2010 12:03:00 AM   Avery Fellow

AT&T Arbitration Clause|Argued in Supreme Court

11/10/2010 12:05:00 AM   Avery Fellow

Justices Review Role of Evidence in Habeas Cases

11/9/2010 11:35:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Supreme Court Hears|Costco Copyright Case

11/9/2010 12:19:00 AM   Avery Fellow

High Court Weighs Taxes|on Medical Residents

11/8/2010 11:08:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Analysts Discuss Future|With GOP-Controlled House

11/5/2010 9:07:00 PM   Avery Fellow

U.S. Economy Adds|151,000 Jobs in October

11/5/2010 3:36:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Obama Responds to|Midterm Elections

11/4/2010 9:44:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Fed to Inject $600B Into|Economy With U.S. Bonds

11/4/2010 4:12:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Justices Weigh Seat-Belt Lawsuits Against Mazda

11/3/2010 11:25:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Justices Mull Tax Credit|Use at Religious Schools

11/3/2010 11:18:00 PM   Avery Fellow

High Court Hears Civil|Rights Enforcement Case

11/3/2010 12:08:00 AM   Avery Fellow

Justices Examine Anti-Military Bias Case

11/3/2010 12:01:00 AM   Avery Fellow

Justices Skeptical|of Video Game Ban

11/2/2010 9:58:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Justices Examine Summary Judgment Case

11/2/2010 12:19:00 AM   Avery Fellow

Court Considers Tribal Duplicative Relief Case

11/2/2010 12:16:00 AM   Avery Fellow

DOJ Accused of Stonewalling|Black Panther Lawsuit

10/29/2010 8:26:00 PM   Avery Fellow

GDP Up 2% in 3rd Quarter

10/29/2010 1:45:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Experts Wary of Wider 'Citizens United' Impact

10/28/2010 9:20:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Coalition Asks Senate to OK|Supreme Court Broadcasts

10/28/2010 9:14:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Treasury Official Downplays|Risk of Foreclosure Practices

10/27/2010 9:30:00 PM   Avery Fellow

White House Says Parity|Will Prevail After Elections

10/26/2010 9:02:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Fed Is Probing Foreclosure Practices, Bernanke Says

10/25/2010 8:33:00 PM   Avery Fellow

U.S. to Send More Aid to Pakistan, Clinton Says

10/22/2010 8:19:00 PM   Avery Fellow

U.S. to Keep Subsidizing|Biofuels, Vilsack Says

10/21/2010 10:13:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Official: No Issues in Foreclosure Process

10/21/2010 12:08:00 AM   Avery Fellow

Obama Renews Order to|Boost Hispanic Education

10/19/2010 9:53:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Larger Electorate May Offset|Citizens United, Experts Say

10/18/2010 9:28:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Bernanke Predicts Modest|Growth, Uptick in Spending

10/15/2010 9:11:00 PM   Avery Fellow

New FCC Rules Tackle|Cell Phone 'Bill Shock'

10/14/2010 8:36:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Justices Consider Fair|Labor Standards Case

10/14/2010 12:20:00 AM   Avery Fellow

Supreme Court Looks|at DNA Testing Case

10/13/2010 9:16:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Justices Look at Coerced|Confession in Plea Case

10/13/2010 2:57:00 PM   Avery Fellow

High Court Considers|Defense Counsel Limits

10/13/2010 1:23:00 AM   Avery Fellow

Supreme Court Considers|Childhood Vaccine Case

10/12/2010 10:55:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Obama Calls for $50B to|Revitalize Infrastructure

10/12/2010 2:08:00 PM   Avery Fellow

National Security Adviser|Jim Jones Steps Down

10/8/2010 9:33:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Economy Loses 95K Jobs; Unemployment at 9.6%

10/8/2010 2:46:00 PM   Avery Fellow

U.S. Retirement Savings Inadequate, Experts Say

10/7/2010 10:46:00 PM   Avery Fellow

High Court Hears Case|Against District Attorney

10/6/2010 11:30:00 PM   Avery Fellow

High Court Mulls Scope of|NASA Background Checks

10/5/2010 9:15:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Supreme Court Opens|With Bankruptcy Case

10/5/2010 12:19:00 AM   Avery Fellow

Kagan Sworn In as 112th|Supreme Court Justice

10/1/2010 8:42:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Obama, Emanuel Swap 'Bittersweet' Goodbyes

10/1/2010 7:21:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Regulators Discuss To-Do|List for Financial Reform

9/30/2010 9:52:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Congress Ends Legislative|Session 8 Days Early

9/30/2010 2:05:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Experts Urge U.S. to Shrink|Its Role in Housing Market

9/29/2010 10:05:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Court Temporarily Lifts|Stem Cell Funding Ban

9/29/2010 1:54:00 PM   Avery Fellow

CBO Chief Cautions Against Extending Bush Tax Cuts

9/28/2010 9:48:00 PM   Avery Fellow

House GOP Lays Out|Legislative Agenda

9/24/2010 12:37:00 AM   Avery Fellow

Feds Look to Local Forces|for Terrorism Response

9/22/2010 9:34:00 PM   Avery Fellow

GOP Blocks Repeal of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

9/21/2010 8:15:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Senate Debates Defense Authorization Bill

9/20/2010 8:17:00 PM   Avery Fellow

'Slow and Steady' for Economic Recovery, Obama Says

9/20/2010 7:58:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Elizabeth Warren Appointed|White House 'Consumer Czar'

9/17/2010 3:17:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Obama Nominee Shares|Ideas on Federal Deficit

9/16/2010 10:51:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Senate Votes 61-38 to Pass|Small Business Bill

9/16/2010 5:40:00 PM   Avery Fellow

House Prosecutors Detail|Claims Against Porteous

9/15/2010 9:07:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Small Business Bill|Advances in Senate

9/14/2010 6:50:00 PM   Avery Fellow

But 2 Amendments Fail

9/14/2010 5:56:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Senate Opens Judge's Impeachment Trial

9/13/2010 11:29:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Senate to Debate|Extending Tax Cuts

9/13/2010 11:29:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Obama Lays Out Steps|to Economic Recovery

9/10/2010 10:20:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Obama Warns Against Spread|of Anti-Islamic Sentiment

9/10/2010 8:22:00 PM   Avery Fellow

White House Condemns Planned Quran Burning

9/9/2010 4:13:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Obama Supports Extending|Tax Cuts for the Middle Class

9/8/2010 7:55:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Obama Expected to Extend|Tax Cuts for Middle-Class

9/8/2010 4:51:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Obama Asks Congress to Pass Small Business Bill

9/3/2010 5:05:00 PM   Avery Fellow

67K New Jobs in August; Unemployment Hits 9.6%

9/3/2010 3:49:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Bernanke Calls for Better End to 'Too Big to Fail'

9/2/2010 8:07:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Ex-Lehman Bros. CEO Faults Regulators for Bankruptcy

9/1/2010 9:17:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Obama Marks End of|Combat Mission in Iraq

8/31/2010 8:21:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Threats Made Against 'Hidden Judiciary'

8/30/2010 11:33:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Glenn Beck Rally Draws Tens of Thousands

8/30/2010 3:18:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Beck's Rally Draws Thousands to Mall

8/30/2010 10:09:00 AM   Avery Fellow

Van Hollen Says Democrats|Will Keep House Majority

8/27/2010 9:37:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Economic Growth Slows|to 1.6% in 2nd Quarter

8/27/2010 4:19:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Experts Caution Against|Federal Web Regulations

8/26/2010 9:37:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Oil Industry 'Got Religion,'|Enviro Firm Tells Panel

8/25/2010 9:10:00 PM   Avery Fellow

It's 'Half-Full' in Pakistan, State Dept. Official Says

8/24/2010 11:58:00 PM   Avery Fellow

U.S. Port Security|Needs Work

8/24/2010 1:12:00 AM   Avery Fellow

BP Well 'Bottom Kill' Set|for Week After Labor Day

8/20/2010 9:25:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Middle East Peace Talks|to Resume, Clinton Says

8/20/2010 4:30:00 PM   Avery Fellow

House Panel Skeptical of|Optimistic BP Spill Data

8/19/2010 8:57:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Mosque Controversy Could|Backfire, Politicians Warn

8/18/2010 9:30:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Obama Traverses Country|to Rally for Candidates

8/17/2010 8:01:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Petraeus Opposes Hasty|Troop Exit in Afghanistan

8/16/2010 9:02:00 PM   Avery Fellow

U.S. Condemns WikiLeaks'|Planned Release of War Docs

8/13/2010 9:42:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Rep. Waters Defends|Herself on Ethics Charges

8/13/2010 5:48:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Senate Honors Stevens

8/12/2010 7:55:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Senate Passes $600M|Border Security Bill

8/12/2010 7:49:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Obama Signs Bill Boosting Manufacturing Sector

8/12/2010 12:22:00 AM   Avery Fellow

Former Sen. Ted Stevens|Dies in Small Plane Crash

8/11/2010 2:33:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Obama Signs Bill Giving|$26 Billion in Aid to States

8/11/2010 1:55:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Congress OKs $26 Billion|in Aid for States

8/10/2010 8:02:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Waters Formally Accused|of Ethics Violations

8/10/2010 5:44:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Pentagon Plans to Slash|Thousands of Jobs

8/10/2010 4:09:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Senate Democrats Map|Out Priorities for Fall

8/9/2010 9:02:00 PM   Avery Fellow

House to Return to|Vote on State Aid Bill

8/9/2010 5:37:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Elena Kagan Sworn In|as Supreme Court Justice

8/9/2010 5:31:00 PM   Avery Fellow

White House Celebrates Kagan Confirmation

8/6/2010 9:44:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Private Sector Adds 71K Jobs; Unemployment Holds Steady

8/6/2010 1:36:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Kagan Confirmed to Supreme Court

8/5/2010 7:52:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Senate Approves|$26 Billion for State Aid

8/5/2010 5:27:00 PM   Avery Fellow

60 Senators Say They Will|Support Kagan Nomination

8/4/2010 10:35:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Senate Votes to Advance|$26 Billion State Aid Bill

8/4/2010 9:40:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Officials, Experts Voice|Concerns on Dispersants

8/4/2010 6:29:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Senate Debates|Kagan Nomination

8/3/2010 9:50:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Waters Faces Allegations|of Ethics Violations

8/2/2010 11:17:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Senate Unlikely to Pass|Energy Bill Before Recess

8/2/2010 9:51:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Obama Reaffirms Pledge|to Withdraw Troops

8/2/2010 5:47:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Senate Republicans Block|Small Business Bill

7/30/2010 7:21:00 PM   Avery Fellow

U.S. Economic Growth|Slows to 2.4 Percent

7/30/2010 4:58:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Rangel to Stand Trial on 13 Counts of Ethics Violations

7/29/2010 8:57:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Afghan War Leak Changes Nothing, U.S. Envoy Says

7/29/2010 2:12:00 AM   Avery Fellow

House Approves $59B|War Spending Measure

7/28/2010 2:09:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Senate Republicans Block Campaign Finance Bill

7/28/2010 12:16:00 AM   Avery Fellow

Travel Association Seeks|$500M for Gulf Tourism

7/27/2010 7:30:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Obama Urges Senate to|Pass Campaign Ad Bill

7/27/2010 1:31:00 AM   Avery Fellow

White House Condemns|Leak of War Documents

7/26/2010 3:33:00 PM   Avery Fellow

House Panel to Try Rep. Rangel in Ethics Cases

7/23/2010 7:29:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Obama Signs Bill|to Extend Jobless Benefits

7/23/2010 2:03:00 PM   Avery Fellow

House Approves Jobless Benefits Extension

7/22/2010 9:19:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Economic Outlook 'Unusually|Uncertain,' Bernanke Says

7/22/2010 9:06:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Senate Passes Extension|of Jobless Benefits

7/22/2010 1:30:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Senate Republicans Delay Jobless Benefits Extension

7/21/2010 10:29:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Obama Signs Wall Street Reform Bill Into Law

7/21/2010 6:35:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Unemployment Benefits|Clear Senate Hurdle

7/20/2010 9:43:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Kagan's Nomination|Clears Senate Panel

7/20/2010 5:21:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Manager of $20 Billion|Escrow Fund Slams BP

7/19/2010 11:52:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Obama Blasts Republicans|for Blocking Jobless Benefits

7/19/2010 7:13:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Senate Asks BP to Testify at Lockerbie Hearing

7/16/2010 8:31:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Obama Urges Caution|as BP Caps Gushing Well

7/16/2010 2:45:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Impact of Oil Dispersants|Still Unknown, EPA Says

7/15/2010 9:57:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Senate Votes 60-39 to Pass Financial Reform Bill

7/15/2010 4:42:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Biden Says Stimulus Created Millions of Jobs

7/14/2010 8:08:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Senate Republican Stalls|Kagan Confirmation Vote

7/14/2010 3:52:00 PM   Avery Fellow

White House Unveils|HIV/AIDS Strategy

7/13/2010 3:41:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Obama Administration Revises Offshore Drilling Ban

7/13/2010 3:06:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Report Blasts Plan for Private Security in Iraq

7/12/2010 9:35:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Obama Calls for $5B in Clean Energy Tax Credits

7/9/2010 7:44:00 PM   Avery Fellow

U.S. Trades Away|10 Russian Agents

7/9/2010 9:19:00 AM   Avery Fellow

Arizona Law 'Crosses the Line,' Official Says

7/9/2010 12:48:00 AM   Avery Fellow

Exports Key to Job Growth, Obama Says

7/8/2010 2:11:00 PM   Avery Fellow

'High Time' for Peace Talks, Says Netanyahu

7/6/2010 10:00:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Byrd to Be Buried Tuesday at Arlington Cemetery

7/6/2010 2:59:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Obama Asks Congress to Take Up Immigration Reform

7/2/2010 7:56:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Economy Drops 125K Jobs; Unemployment at 9.5%

7/2/2010 3:06:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Financial Reform Bill Delayed in Senate

7/1/2010 4:39:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Kagan Vows to Exercise Restraint

6/30/2010 9:11:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Lawmakers Doubt Safety of Private Security in Iraq

6/21/2010 11:15:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Senate Votes to Close Debate on 'Tax Extender Bill'

6/18/2010 10:55:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Local Boats to Be Added to Oil Spill Clean Up Efforts

6/18/2010 6:04:00 PM   Avery Fellow

BP's CEO Apologizes, Gets Chided for Ignoring Dangers

6/17/2010 5:46:00 PM   Avery Fellow

BP Agrees to $20B Escrow Fund for Gulf Spill Claims

6/16/2010 11:33:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Obama Presses for|Clean Energy Future

6/16/2010 2:44:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Oil Industry Is Unprepared for Spills, CEO Says

6/15/2010 9:19:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Lawmakers Spar Over Proposed Oil Tax Increase

6/14/2010 9:49:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Retail Sales Drop in May

6/11/2010 8:33:00 PM   Avery Fellow

More Ships Slated to Process Oil, Admiral Says

6/11/2010 7:48:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Lawmakers Aim to Merge Financial Reform Bills

6/10/2010 10:11:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Louisiana Officials Decry Lack of Leadership

6/10/2010 6:51:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Senate Expected to|Take Up Energy Reform

6/7/2010 8:29:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Oil Spill Described as|Thousands of Small Spills

6/7/2010 6:09:00 PM   Avery Fellow

BP Gets First Bill,|for $69 Million

6/4/2010 7:57:00 PM   Avery Fellow

U.S. Adds Jobs in May, Mostly Census-Related

6/4/2010 2:20:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Senators Ask BP to Suspend Dividends

6/3/2010 7:44:00 PM   Avery Fellow

BP Cuts Key Riser Pipe, Clearing Way for Cap

6/3/2010 7:10:00 PM   Avery Fellow

White House, Romanoff Confirm Job Offer

6/3/2010 3:39:00 PM   Avery Fellow

U.S. Launches Criminal Probe Into Spill

6/2/2010 7:55:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Obama Vows Tough Inquiry Into Oil Disaster

6/1/2010 8:03:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Flotilla Raid Underscores Urgency of Peace Talks

6/1/2010 1:56:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Salazar Defends U.S. Response to Oil Spill

5/26/2010 9:22:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Officials Back Higher Liability Cap for Spills

5/25/2010 10:04:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Commission Unhappy With Response to Contract Fraud

5/24/2010 9:36:00 PM   Avery Fellow

U.S. Backs South Korea's Trade Cuts With North

5/24/2010 2:07:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Obama Sets Emissions Standards for Trucks

5/21/2010 5:45:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Senate Passes Wall Street Reform Bill 59-39

5/21/2010 3:33:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Lawmakers Slam Toyota's Crisis Response

5/20/2010 8:54:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Senate Delays Vote|on Financial Reform

5/19/2010 11:56:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Senate Seeks to Limit State Powers Over Banks

5/18/2010 10:32:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Clinton Announces Tougher Nuclear Sanctions on Iran

5/18/2010 8:17:00 PM   Avery Fellow

BP Executive Defends Oil Spill Response

5/17/2010 11:39:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Senate Panel OKs $33.5B|in War Spending

5/14/2010 8:45:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Senate OKs Reform for Credit Rating Agencies

5/14/2010 8:37:00 PM   Avery Fellow

MMS Allowed Offshore Drilling Without Permits

5/14/2010 1:42:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Holder Defends Criminal Justice System as 3 Arrested

5/13/2010 8:36:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Senators Roll Out|Climate & Energy Bill

5/13/2010 2:25:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Lawmakers Blame Leaking Device for Oil Spill

5/13/2010 12:27:00 AM   Avery Fellow

Obama, Karzai Pledge Long-Term Partnership

5/12/2010 8:34:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Oil Executives Pass the Buck for Gulf Spill

5/11/2010 8:35:00 PM   Avery Fellow

U.S. Retreats From Miranda

5/10/2010 9:58:00 PM   Avery Fellow

House Passes Bill to Reward Energy Savers

5/7/2010 6:41:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Senate Moves Forward With Wall Street Reform

5/7/2010 6:27:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Economy Adds 290K Jobs;|Best Growth in 4 Years

5/7/2010 1:40:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Geithner Defends Bank Tax in Senate Hearing

5/4/2010 7:27:00 PM   Avery Fellow

BP Will Foot Bill for Massive Gulf Spill, Obama Says

5/3/2010 9:09:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Iranian President Slams U.S. Nuclear Policy

5/3/2010 6:52:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Senate Debate on Financial Reform Bill in Full Swing

4/30/2010 8:34:00 PM   Avery Fellow

GDP Grows 3.2%, Boosted by Consumer Spending

4/30/2010 5:26:00 PM   Avery Fellow

White House Ramps Up Response to Gulf Oil Spill

4/30/2010 1:04:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Senate Breaks Stalemate, Debates Financial Reform

4/29/2010 8:14:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Federal Reg Agencies Seek Budget Increases

4/28/2010 11:09:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Senate Again Stalls|Financial Reform Bill

4/27/2010 11:06:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Senate GOP to Allow Financial Reform Debate

4/27/2010 10:47:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Goldman Execs Say They Didn't Bet Against Clients

4/27/2010 10:31:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Goldman Sachs Faces Senate Investigation Committee

4/27/2010 4:57:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Republicans Stall Action On Financial Reform

4/26/2010 11:32:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Climate Bill Stalled After Senator Drops Out of Talks

4/26/2010 3:42:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Reid Seeks Vote Today|on Financial Reform Bill

4/23/2010 9:55:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Tension in Congress Over Financial Reform Vote

4/23/2010 9:50:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Ratings Agencies Got Cozy With Wall St., Probe Finds

4/23/2010 8:33:00 PM   Avery Fellow

GM Used Bailout to Repay TARP Loans, Senator Says

4/23/2010 4:33:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Obama Asks Wall Street Lobbyists to Back Off

4/22/2010 6:10:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Senate Committee Passes Financial Reform Bill

4/22/2010 5:29:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Obama to Pressure|Wall Street on Reform

4/22/2010 2:06:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Obama Hosts Talk on|High Court Candidates

4/21/2010 10:40:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Feds Propose Bank Tax to Recover Bailout Funds

4/21/2010 7:03:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Republicans Question Timing of Goldman Suit

4/21/2010 6:54:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Collapse of Lehman Bros. Examined

4/20/2010 11:41:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Obama Takes Financial Reform Bill to NY

4/19/2010 9:05:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Liu Faces Polarized Senate Judiciary Committee

4/16/2010 7:59:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Obama Signs Unemployment Extension

4/16/2010 3:04:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Congress Extends Unemployment Benefits

4/16/2010 12:55:00 AM   Avery Fellow

Tea Partiers Protest in Washington on Tax Day

4/15/2010 6:42:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Congress Clashes Over Proposed 'Bailout Bill'

4/15/2010 4:00:00 PM   Avery Fellow

DOE Delays Closing of Yucca Mountain Site

4/15/2010 2:57:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Bernanke Predicts Moderate Recovery

4/14/2010 5:55:00 PM   Avery Fellow

World Leaders Agree to Secure Nukes Within 4 Years

4/14/2010 4:09:00 PM   Avery Fellow

'Clubby' Wall Street Blamed for WaMu Collapse

4/13/2010 9:27:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Obama Calls for Action to Protect Nuclear Stockpiles

4/13/2010 6:09:00 PM   Avery Fellow

China, U.S. United on Iran

4/13/2010 2:26:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Senate Votes 60-34 to Extend Jobless Benefits

4/12/2010 11:32:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Ukraine Makes Deal on Uranium

4/12/2010 9:55:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Summit Focuses on Keeping|Nukes Out of Terrorists' Hands

4/12/2010 2:06:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Ex-Fannie Mae Execs Say Competition Led to Crisis

4/9/2010 9:44:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Former Citigroup Execs Apologize for Meltdown

4/8/2010 6:09:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Obama, Medvedev Sign Nuclear Pact

4/8/2010 3:04:00 PM   Avery Fellow

New Rules Proposed for Asset-Backed Securities

4/7/2010 10:09:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Geithner to Meet With Chinese Economic Leader

4/7/2010 2:39:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Greenspan Defends Low Rates|Before Mortgage Panel

4/6/2010 10:09:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Unemployment Benefits Expire for 200,000

4/6/2010 9:38:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Nuclear Policy Focuses on Reduction, Deterrence

4/6/2010 6:41:00 PM   Avery Fellow

U.S. and Russia to Sign Arms Treaty This Week

4/5/2010 4:29:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Toyota Hit With Record $16M Fine

4/5/2010 12:26:00 AM   Avery Fellow

Economy Gains 162,000 Jobs

4/2/2010 7:53:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Lawmakers at C Street House Face Ethics Complaints

4/2/2010 2:50:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Feds Set National Fuel, Emissions Standards

4/1/2010 10:43:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Obama Unveils Plans for Offshore Drilling

3/31/2010 4:00:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Obama, Clinton Respond to Moscow Subway Attacks

3/30/2010 5:15:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Obama to Announce Plans for Offshore Drilling

3/30/2010 3:37:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Obama Makes Surprise Visit to Troops in Afghanistan

3/29/2010 4:57:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Obama Makes 15 Recess Appointments, Chides GOP

3/29/2010 1:17:00 AM   Avery Fellow

Gas Tax Proposed to Pay for Transportation Bill

3/27/2010 4:57:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Calif. Furlough of State Fund Workers Illegal

3/24/2010 4:01:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Google Wins Trademark Ruling in EU Court

3/23/2010 4:42:00 PM   Avery Fellow

'Operation Loan Lies' Yields $1M Settlement

3/22/2010 7:58:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Principal Can Be Sued for Alleged Abuse Cover-Up

3/19/2010 7:48:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Belgian Sex Shop Owner Loses Bid for Tax Break

3/19/2010 1:36:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Student's Web Threats Aren't Protected Speech

3/17/2010 4:43:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Oprah Ordered to Stand Trial in Defamation Case

3/16/2010 10:05:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Court Upholds FCC Ban|on Exclusive Cable Deals

3/16/2010 3:02:00 PM   Avery Fellow

U.S. Must Reveal Agencies With Line to Congress

3/16/2010 3:02:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Worker Not Protected Under First Amendment

3/15/2010 8:53:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Court Clears Ex-BofA Executives of Wrongdoing

3/15/2010 4:17:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Yemeni Gitmo Detainee Loses Bid for Release

3/12/2010 7:03:00 PM   Avery Fellow

EU Countries Can Ban Bundled Telecom Services

3/12/2010 3:22:00 PM   Avery Fellow

No Coverage for Dead Chickens, Court Rules

3/11/2010 3:26:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Court OK's Uranium Mining Permit in N.M.

3/10/2010 3:35:00 PM   Avery Fellow

LifeLock to Pay $12M to Settle FTC, States' Claims

3/9/2010 8:26:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Battery Market Merger Violates Antitrust Law

3/8/2010 10:02:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Agency 'Cut Corners' in Review of Water Project

3/8/2010 4:28:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Actavis Loses to FDA|in ADHD Drug Ruling

3/5/2010 4:18:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Cigarette Price-Fixing Infringes European Law

3/4/2010 6:03:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Listerine Lawsuit Loses|Class-Action Status

3/4/2010 5:01:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Court Backs Governor's Use of Line-Item Vetoes

3/4/2010 4:36:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Judge Nixes Challenge to Same-Sex Marriage Law

3/3/2010 4:02:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Court Tosses Challenge to Gas Operator's Rate Hike

3/2/2010 9:10:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Energy Agency Need Not Investigate, Court Says

3/2/2010 9:10:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Tobacco Co. Settles Claims Over 'Organic' Cigarettes

3/2/2010 5:04:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Email Forwarder Isn't Liable in Defamation Case

3/1/2010 3:43:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Judge Backs Release of Plane Registration List

3/1/2010 3:12:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Court Reinstates City's Casino Deal With Tribe

2/26/2010 9:52:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Widow Loses Bid to Make Husband's Killer Pay

2/25/2010 4:35:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Fired Hospital Worker Loses Retaliation Case

2/25/2010 4:35:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Japanese Co. Is Liable|for Defective Body Armor

2/24/2010 4:20:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Court Tosses Copyright Case Over Medical Forms

2/23/2010 9:46:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Guinean's Claims Rise to Persecution, Court Says

2/23/2010 9:16:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Porn Producers Lose Case Against Obscenity Laws

2/22/2010 4:37:00 PM   Avery Fellow

EPA to Spend $2.2B on Cleaning Up Great Lakes

2/22/2010 3:59:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Judge Tosses Challenge|to Tongass Logging Plan

2/19/2010 4:56:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Five Get Jail Time for $13M Mortgage Fraud

2/19/2010 4:17:00 PM   Avery Fellow

NYCLU Challenges State Senator's Expulsion

2/18/2010 7:47:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Jon Gosselin Settles Lawsuits With TLC

2/18/2010 4:07:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Salvation Army Agrees to Practice but Not Preach

2/17/2010 9:34:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Gitmo Detainees' Fathers Lose Torture Lawsuit

2/17/2010 5:22:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Court Revives Fraud Case Against Smith Barney

2/17/2010 4:20:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Court Rejects Raise for Calif. Prison Supervisors

2/15/2010 7:45:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Calif. High Court Tosses Stanford Trails Dispute

2/15/2010 4:49:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Catholic School Not Liable for Student's DUI Crash

2/12/2010 4:03:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Sheriff Not Liable for Officer's Sexual Assault

2/11/2010 4:26:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Algerian Man's Asylum Case Moves Forward

2/11/2010 4:26:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Public Officials Accused of Corruption, Bribery

2/10/2010 8:57:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Tax on Men's Gloves Isn't Gender Bias, Court Says

2/9/2010 6:56:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Contempt Order Against Divorce Lawyer Annulled

2/9/2010 5:00:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Trooper Can't Be Sued for Questioning Immigrants

2/9/2010 4:54:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Family Can Sue Highway Patrol Over Photos

2/3/2010 3:10:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Trek, Greg LeMond Settle Brand Licensing Dispute

2/2/2010 5:27:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Rolling Stone Wins Ruling on Camel Ad Placement

2/1/2010 4:41:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Calif. City Must Consider Impact of Plastic Bag Ban

1/29/2010 5:41:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Class Action Against Kaiser Moves Forward

1/29/2010 4:46:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Dancing at Memorial Isn't Free Speech, Judge Rules

1/27/2010 10:30:00 PM   Avery Fellow

U.S. Ordered to Produce Detainee Abuse Evidence

1/26/2010 4:51:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Midas Franchisee Settles Bait-and-Switch Claims

1/25/2010 7:43:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Class Action Over GNC Supplements Revived

1/25/2010 4:45:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Court Tosses Challenge to San Diego Polling Policies

1/25/2010 4:45:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Settlement Bars Doctor's Claims Against Insurer

1/22/2010 4:02:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Chinese Man Loses Claim That CIA Detained Him

1/22/2010 4:02:00 PM   Avery Fellow

No Misconduct Found |in Blackwater Case

1/20/2010 4:21:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Cheerios Case Stays |in D.C. Superior Court

1/20/2010 4:02:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Antitrust Case Revived Against Music Industry

1/19/2010 3:57:00 PM   Avery Fellow

FDA Can't Regulate 'Electronic Cigarettes'

1/17/2010 5:28:00 PM   Avery Fellow

DC Judge Rules Against Same-Sex Marriage Vote

1/14/2010 10:56:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Ex-Football Coach Wins Whistleblower Appeal

1/14/2010 4:54:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Judge Nixes 425 Plaintiffs in DynCorp Class Action

1/13/2010 6:28:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Barclays Wins Mortgage-Backed Security Ruling

1/13/2010 3:41:00 PM   Avery Fellow

'Octomom' Wins Guardianship Appeal

1/12/2010 5:15:00 PM   Avery Fellow

County's $425K Fine Doesn't Bar Settlement

1/12/2010 12:04:00 AM   Avery Fellow

Judge Tosses Suit Over Katrina Fund Diversion

1/11/2010 10:34:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Judge Unseals Redacted Blackwater Case Records

1/8/2010 8:25:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Firm, Bank Not Liable for Ponzi Scheme, Court Says

1/8/2010 4:10:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Abbott Labs Pays $22.5M to Settle TriCor Claims

1/7/2010 10:20:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Gitmo Confession Tainted by Torture, Judge Says

1/7/2010 8:07:00 PM   Avery Fellow

No Rehearing in Case Against Consulting Co.

1/7/2010 5:28:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Moussaoui Loses Appeal

1/6/2010 4:08:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Plant Owners Violated Labor Law, Court Rules

1/5/2010 5:15:00 PM   Avery Fellow

H&R Block to Refund Up to $19M to Settle IRA Claims

1/5/2010 4:32:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Air France Settles Claims Over Runway Accident

1/4/2010 7:25:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Raytheon on the Hook for Airport Contamination

1/4/2010 3:27:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Judge Throws Out Blackwater Charges

1/4/2010 2:29:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Court Denies Review for Airport Permit Decision

12/30/2009 2:43:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Ban on Body Armor for Felons Overturned

12/29/2009 11:33:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Nev. Governor Reaches Divorce Settlement

12/29/2009 7:52:00 PM   Avery Fellow

EU Court Clarifies |Inside Trading Law

12/29/2009 3:27:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Court Rejects Stricter Meat Warnings in Calif.

12/28/2009 3:17:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Wild Horse Roundup |Can Proceed, Judge Says

12/28/2009 3:04:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Court OKs Dam Removal

12/24/2009 2:57:00 PM   Avery Fellow

School Admins Lose Severance Package Appeal

12/24/2009 2:44:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Settlement with Former College Prez Overturned

12/23/2009 2:51:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Indians Tossed From Tribe Can't Seek Habeas Relief

12/23/2009 2:41:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Subcontractor Must Warn of Dangers, Court Says

12/22/2009 3:57:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Court Flushes Challenge |to Calif. Water Transfer

12/21/2009 3:49:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Court Upholds Stricter Indian Protection Laws

12/21/2009 3:49:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Buyers of Merck's Vioxx Lose Bid for Class Status

12/17/2009 10:21:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Activist Groups Can Sue Over D.C. Poster Rules

12/17/2009 3:44:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Six Countries Owe Back Taxes, EU Court Rules

12/16/2009 4:37:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Business Fraud Case to Stay in Calif., Court Says

12/15/2009 4:06:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Group Loses Challenge |to EPA Emissions Rules

12/15/2009 4:06:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Suit Over Child Abuse Probe Partially Revived

12/14/2009 10:44:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Ex-Prosecutor Loses Bid |to View Probe Documents

12/14/2009 6:09:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Judge Finds Pentagon in Contempt in Gitmo Case

12/11/2009 9:38:00 PM   Avery Fellow

LadyCare Owner Fined |for Securities Violations

12/11/2009 4:56:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Law Firm Not Immune From Antitrust Claim

12/11/2009 4:56:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Ex-Madrid Train Bombing Suspect Loses FISA Claims

12/10/2009 10:43:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Court Upholds BofA's |ID Policy for Foreigners

12/10/2009 4:58:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Court Revives HP Patent Case Over 'Blade Servers'

12/10/2009 4:58:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Jail Officials Not Liable for Inmate's Overdose

12/9/2009 4:18:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Chicago Property Seizure Case Moot, Justices Rule

12/9/2009 2:51:00 AM   Avery Fellow

Murderer Isn't Entitled |to Federal Habeas Review

12/9/2009 2:24:00 AM   Avery Fellow

Va. Officer Can Sue D.C. Over Arrest Warrant

12/8/2009 4:05:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Court Revives Trademark Dispute Over 'Charbucks'

12/7/2009 4:22:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Appeals Court Revives Legal Malpractice Suit

12/4/2009 5:28:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Oil Industry Isn't Liable for Polar Bear Deaths

12/4/2009 4:41:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Ex-SEC Investigator Can Pursue Records on Firing

12/3/2009 4:03:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Costco Legal Advice Is Privileged, Court Rules

12/2/2009 4:15:00 PM   Avery Fellow

France Telecom Must Repay $1.65B in State Aid

12/1/2009 5:34:00 PM   Avery Fellow

N.C. Can't Blame Georgia for Pollution Problems

11/30/2009 10:31:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Court Rules in Favor of D.C. Police in Protest Case

11/24/2009 4:41:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Court Orders Algerian Gitmo Detainee's Release

11/24/2009 4:18:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Judge Denies Release of Al-Qaida Driver

11/24/2009 4:11:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Judge Says Lesbian Att'y Can Get Spousal Benefits

11/23/2009 4:31:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Advocacy Group Cannot Intervene in Prop. 8 Case

11/23/2009 4:31:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Legal Group Denied Access to Potential Plaintiff List

11/19/2009 5:53:00 PM   Avery Fellow

FTC Wants BlueHippo Held in Contempt

11/13/2009 4:07:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Court Orders Review of Desert Paving Process

11/4/2009 3:25:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Court Tosses Challenge to Lobster Trapping Limits

10/30/2009 3:35:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Ex-Cornell Professor |Can Pursue Bias Claim

10/27/2009 2:58:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Court Nixes Omnicare Securities Fraud Suit

10/26/2009 2:24:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Habeas Review Denied for Uncooperative Detainee

10/23/2009 5:02:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Court Revives Diabetes Drug Antitrust Case

10/20/2009 4:28:00 PM   Avery Fellow

U.S. Can Censor Gitmo Testimony, Judge Rules

10/19/2009 9:21:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Court Nixes Complaint Over Superfund Site

10/15/2009 3:43:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Judge Says Hospital Can Deny Lesbian Visitation

10/12/2009 2:49:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Detainee's Refusal to See Lawyers Kills His Case

10/9/2009 2:51:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Student Can Sue School Over Scalpel Injuries

10/7/2009 2:42:00 PM   Avery Fellow

N.Y. Judge Approves $586M IPO Settlement

10/7/2009 1:55:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Attorney Cleared in Motorcycle Injury Case

10/5/2009 3:22:00 PM   Avery Fellow

House Proposes Bill to Ban Traps in Wildlife Refuges

10/5/2009 11:54:00 AM   Avery Fellow

Judge Orders Cheney Interviews Released

10/2/2009 3:01:00 PM   Avery Fellow

U.S. Detainee Can Be Transferred to Iraq

10/1/2009 2:40:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Court Rejects Patent for Alzheimer's Treatment

9/30/2009 3:24:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Female Officer Wins Discrimination Appeal

9/29/2009 1:46:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Judge Orders Gitmo Detainee's Release

9/28/2009 2:41:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Immigrant Smuggler Loses Removal Appeal

9/25/2009 4:32:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Court Rules for Inventor of Speedier Golf Game

9/24/2009 3:50:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Judge Grants 60-Day Delay of Gitmo Trials

9/22/2009 2:23:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Shirt Shop Loses Ruling Over Bratz Dolls Design

9/18/2009 1:29:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Judge Denies Afghan Detainee Habeas Review

9/17/2009 3:56:00 PM   Avery Fellow

False Stock Tip Amounted to Fraud, 4th Circuit Says

9/17/2009 3:56:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Court Nixes Challenge to Iowa Water-Quality List

9/14/2009 2:53:00 PM   Avery Fellow

California Can Tap Into Veteran's Health Benefits

9/11/2009 2:03:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Court Grants Review of Kidnap-Witness Petition

9/10/2009 8:46:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Argentina Human-Rights Abuse Case Dismissed

9/3/2009 4:31:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Bose Corp. Cleared in Trademark Fraud Suit

9/3/2009 2:04:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Court Nixes Challenge |to NY Nuclear Waste Site

9/2/2009 3:19:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Alleged al-Qaida Fighter Loses Bid for Release

9/1/2009 3:09:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Oil Company Stuck With Cleanup, Court Rules

8/27/2009 1:50:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Judge Allows Chemical Warfare Disposal Plan

8/26/2009 1:42:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Radio Company Loses Forest Service Appeal

8/25/2009 2:17:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Suspected Al-Qaida Fighter to Stay at Gitmo

8/25/2009 2:17:00 PM   Avery Fellow

U.S. Ordered to Disclose Interrogation Details

8/25/2009 2:17:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Owners of Bankrupt Firm Can Sue Insurer

8/21/2009 2:32:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Saginaw May Build|Halfway House

8/21/2009 2:32:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Astellas Pharma Loses|Generic Drug Fight

8/19/2009 2:53:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Forest Service Loses Appeal in Logging Case

8/17/2009 6:05:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Ex-CIA Official's Family Can't Use State Secrets

8/13/2009 3:11:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Beltway Sniper Loses Appeal in 4th Circuit

8/11/2009 2:40:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Judge Lets Wild Horses Stay in Colorado Area

8/7/2009 2:19:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Gucci Women Infringed on Family Name, Judge Says

8/6/2009 2:18:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Judge Orders Release of Kuwaiti Gitmo Detainee

8/5/2009 2:10:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Haircut Violated Rights |of Rastafarian Inmate

8/4/2009 4:08:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Guardian Appointed |for Embattled Architect

7/31/2009 2:40:00 PM   Avery Fellow

State Government Can't Sue Itself, Court Rules

7/31/2009 12:25:00 AM   Avery Fellow

Nuclear Plants Don't Need Air-Strike Protection

7/28/2009 3:41:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Abramoff Pal Won't|Get a New Trial

7/23/2009 3:26:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Motor Rafts OK|In Grand Canyon

7/23/2009 3:26:00 PM   Avery Fellow

8th Circuit Allows More Minneapolis Cab Drivers

7/16/2009 4:56:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Collector Settles With FTC Over Harassment Claims

7/6/2009 4:28:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Judge Orders Online Spammers to Pay $3.7M

7/6/2009 4:28:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Ships Must Use Cleaner-Burning Fuels, Judge Says

7/2/2009 2:28:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Coast Guard Wins |Boat Safety Appeal

6/30/2009 2:16:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Two Former Execs Plead Guilty to $70M Fraud

6/30/2009 1:04:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Chris Brown Pleads Guilty to Assaulting Rihanna

6/23/2009 6:25:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Federal Judge Impeached

6/22/2009 2:56:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Man Who Tried to Kill Reagan Wins Privileges

6/18/2009 2:37:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Amazon to Pay $51M to Settle Toys R Us Dispute

6/15/2009 4:14:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Google Deal Probed by Antitrust Authorities

6/12/2009 3:02:00 PM   Avery Fellow

CVS Settles Claims Over Expired Baby Food, Drugs

6/12/2009 3:02:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Polluted Water Can Be Pumped Into Fla. Lake

6/10/2009 2:50:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Judge Sentences Ex-Drug Executive to Write a Book

6/10/2009 2:38:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Animal-Rights Activists Lose Free-Speech Appeal

6/3/2009 3:24:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Mine Owner Can't Recoup Excess Cleanup Costs

6/2/2009 5:30:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Lizard Gets Another|Shot at Protection

5/20/2009 2:59:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Public Employees Lose Whistleblower Claims

5/15/2009 2:57:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Court Blocks Oil Drilling in New Mexico Wilderness

4/30/2009 2:45:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Court Nixes Challenge to |9 Kootenai Forest Projects

4/21/2009 2:22:00 PM   Avery Fellow

City Worker Loses Benefits Over Politics

11/21/2008 6:48:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Conn. Mayor Dodges Antitrust Allegations

11/18/2008 4:19:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Court Allows Suit Over Merrill Lynch-BoA Merger

11/18/2008 4:19:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Widow Owns Rights To Car From 'Gone In 60 Seconds'

11/14/2008 3:42:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Ex-Priest Agrees To Pay Abuse Victims $5 Million

11/12/2008 3:53:00 PM   Avery Fellow

State High Court|Boots Thief's Claim

11/10/2008 3:37:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Co-op Shareholders'|Sale Of Shares OK

11/7/2008 4:38:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Woman Can't Sue Bank|Over $57 Finance Charge

11/6/2008 2:34:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Fight Between|Cops Remanded

11/5/2008 3:20:00 PM   Avery Fellow

New Primary Called|For Judicial Election

11/4/2008 4:24:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Texas A&M to Pay $2.1M |to Settle Bonfire Lawsuit

10/30/2008 4:26:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Smithfield Foods Reaches Settlement with Union

10/29/2008 4:01:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Smithfield Foods Reaches Settlement with Union

10/29/2008 2:16:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Google Announces $125M BookSearch Settlement

10/29/2008 2:04:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Teva Receives $100M Settlement from Broker

10/27/2008 8:18:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Blind Man Says Partner Cheated Him

10/27/2008 12:57:00 PM   Avery Fellow

US to Pay $154M for Not Taking Out Nuclear Trash

10/24/2008 3:33:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Claims Court Lifts Barrier for US Navy Construction

10/24/2008 3:33:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Nigerian Scammer's Appeal Falls Short

10/15/2008 3:46:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Judge Approves $24M |Pet Food Settlement

10/15/2008 3:39:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Conservationists Can Sue to Protect Salmon & Trout

10/10/2008 2:36:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Former UBS Exec Settles Insider Trading Charge

10/9/2008 2:35:00 PM   Avery Fellow

EPA Must Set Pollution Standards for Builders

9/22/2008 3:14:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Fishermen Can't Sue Polluter for Lost Profits

9/19/2008 3:12:00 PM   Avery Fellow

NYC Settles Class Action over Homeless Families

9/18/2008 1:50:00 PM   Avery Fellow

KB Home's Former CEO to Pay $7 Million Settlement

9/17/2008 3:56:00 PM   Avery Fellow

EPA Can Inspect Ship for Chemicals, Court Rules

8/27/2008 3:44:00 PM   Avery Fellow

8th Circuit Overturns $1.9M Damage Award

8/26/2008 2:31:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Uniweb Polluted Corona's Water Supply, Judge Says

8/20/2008 7:55:00 AM   Avery Fellow

Cormorants Subject to Local Control, Court Says

8/18/2008 2:58:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Utah Drilling Threatens Rock Art, Groups Say

8/7/2008 4:58:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Father Who Shot Son Sentenced to 7 Years

8/6/2008 1:00:00 PM   Avery Fellow

FTC Gives Conditional OK to Lawry's Buyout

8/1/2008 1:23:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Former Enron Energy Exec Settles for $31.5M

7/30/2008 1:05:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Alaska Senator Charged with Corruption

7/30/2008 1:05:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Former Siemens Manager Convicted in Bribery Case

7/30/2008 1:32:00 AM   Avery Fellow

Union Pacific To Pay |$102 Million For Wildfire

7/23/2008 2:34:00 PM   Avery Fellow

N.J. Man Convicted Of Accosting Nobel Laureate

7/23/2008 2:31:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Rap Promoter Convicted Of Las Vegas Slayings

7/22/2008 8:41:00 AM   Avery Fellow

Ex-Attorney Sues Over Sex-Scandal Coverage

7/21/2008 10:56:00 AM   Avery Fellow

Britney Spears & Ex Reach Child Custody Settlement

7/21/2008 10:56:00 AM   Avery Fellow

Widow Awarded $12M For Husband's Assassination

7/18/2008 3:28:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Man Gets Life For Causing Deadly Metrolink Crash

7/17/2008 3:35:00 PM   Avery Fellow

LA's 'Black Widows' Get Life In Prison For Murders

7/16/2008 4:09:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Calif. Legislators Push Water Conservation Bill

7/15/2008 11:48:00 AM   Avery Fellow

Ex-Model Brinkley Settles Divorce For $2.1 Million

7/15/2008 11:48:00 AM   Avery Fellow

Amgen To Pay $200 Million|To Settle Antitrust Suit

7/14/2008 2:10:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Lockheed Loses Contract Due To Conflict Of Interest

7/11/2008 3:08:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Innocent Investor Must Pay Back Ponzi Money

7/3/2008 5:06:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Court Can't Force State |To Reimburse Counties

7/3/2008 5:06:00 PM   Avery Fellow

National Geographic Can Republish Photos On CD

7/2/2008 4:22:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Man With Political Van Loses Arrest Challenge

7/1/2008 5:32:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Chaldean Iraqi Woman Wins Asylum Review

7/1/2008 5:32:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Court Limits U.S. Power Over Tribal Contracts

6/30/2008 5:28:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Seabird To Stay On Threatened Species List

6/30/2008 5:27:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Coptic Christian Family Wins Asylum Appeal

6/27/2008 6:50:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Roadless Areas Can Be Designated Wilderness

6/27/2008 6:50:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Court Allows Deadline Extension For Alcoa Plant

6/26/2008 4:51:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Circuit Nixes Challenge To Chemical Emission Rules

6/10/2008 3:19:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Family Loses Dispute Over Title To Utah Lakebed

6/6/2008 3:59:00 PM   Avery Fellow

State, Feds Sue Utah Refinery

4/23/2008 2:55:00 PM   Avery Fellow

ATVs Threaten Artifacts, Groups Say

3/13/2008 2:09:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Battle Over Salt In Great Salt Lake

2/22/2008 4:11:00 PM   Avery Fellow

Mall Massacre Gun Sold Illegally, Victim Says

2/12/2008 4:57:00 PM   Avery Fellow