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Boating Groups Fight Trump Impasse on Potomac

9/21/2018 3:17:34 PM   EDWARD ERICSON JR

Class Alleges Manipulation of Rape Reports in Baltimore

9/12/2018 5:19:53 PM   EDWARD ERICSON JR

Newspapers Sue Over Electioneering Disclosure Law

8/18/2018 1:19:35 AM   EDWARD ERICSON JR

Federal Circuit Eases Access to Case Filings

8/8/2018 6:03:02 PM   EDWARD ERICSON JR

Baltimore Accused of Eluding Payouts on Police Corruption

8/3/2018 11:28:21 PM   EDWARD ERICSON JR

Maryland Suspect Denied Bail on Newspaper Murders

6/29/2018 3:02:46 PM   EDWARD ERICSON JR

'Westworld' Accused in Court of Ripping Off 'Fallout Shelter'

6/22/2018 7:04:13 PM   EDWARD ERICSON JR

Baltimore Exonerees Accuse Police of Corruption

6/14/2018 10:25:25 PM   EDWARD ERICSON JR

NAACP Fights Betsy DeVos Over Civil Rights Manual

6/4/2018 12:16:11 PM   EDWARD ERICSON JR

Baltimore Police Commissioner Charged With Tax Evasion

5/11/2018 11:29:35 AM   EDWARD ERICSON JR

Fired After Blowing the Whistle, Veteran Broadcaster Says

5/8/2018 9:00:14 PM   EDWARD ERICSON JR

Maryland Claws $33.5M More From Volkswagen

4/26/2018 4:07:13 PM   EDWARD ERICSON JR