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Man Must Refine Claims Over Coca-Cola Texts

6/2/2015 4:38:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Cap Wholesaler Must Pay for Braves Counterfeits

5/28/2015 5:01:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Fox News Must Face Defamation Claim

5/22/2015 10:07:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Drug Firms Not Entitled to Info on Other Disputes

5/22/2015 6:36:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Sprint to Recover $5M for Resold Cellphones

5/15/2015 9:19:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Florida Can't Deny Inmates Kosher Meals

5/12/2015 5:13:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Western Union Will Face Attorney Slander Claims

5/6/2015 7:29:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Fla. County Must Face Suit Over Death by Cop

5/5/2015 3:14:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Judge Finds No Merit in Juvenile Detainee Claims

4/29/2015 5:22:00 PM   Iulia Filip

World Bank Funds Tied to Pollution in India

4/28/2015 5:48:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Eye Doctor on Hook|for Overbilling Medicare

4/22/2015 3:55:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Big Tobacco Fires on New 'Draconian' FDA Rules

4/17/2015 3:51:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Trainer Can't Renew License After Lion Deaths

4/15/2015 5:47:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Thai Official's Forfeiture Action Stalled in D.C.

4/10/2015 9:28:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Lexapro Maker Must Face Claims Tied to Suicide

4/8/2015 7:57:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Judge Tosses Coalition's Suit Against Ex-Im Bank

4/3/2015 4:36:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Georgia Supremes Deal Defeat to 'The Dash' Poet

4/2/2015 7:58:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Tiger Exhibitor Can't Sue Feds Over License Issue

4/1/2015 7:03:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Class Certified in|Food Stamps Case

3/26/2015 8:46:00 PM   Iulia Filip

No Sanctions for Lawyer in Bogus Treasure Case

3/25/2015 5:36:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Defunct Mortgage Lender Can't Duck Fraud Claims

3/20/2015 5:23:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Genital-Shooting Claims Against Cops Advance

3/19/2015 8:43:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Telemarketer Must Pay $6M to Settle FTC Claim

3/13/2015 8:29:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Mother Says Teacher's Aide Raped Son

3/12/2015 8:28:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Woman Says Massage Therapist Assaulted Her

3/11/2015 6:59:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Monsanto Rates Damages From Ga. Cotton Farmer

3/10/2015 4:51:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Graco Can Proceed with Play Pen Patent Claim

3/10/2015 4:46:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Delta Forced to Defend Itself in State Court

3/3/2015 9:33:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Creditors Can Pursue Money Tree Claims

2/26/2015 6:26:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Atlanta Not Liable for Diabetic Inmate's Illness

2/24/2015 12:45:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Pastor Allegedly Assaulted Grieving Woman

2/23/2015 6:28:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Student With Seizures Has Right to Service Dog

2/19/2015 4:40:00 PM   Iulia Filip

U.S. Must Face Georgia's Claim for $90M Refund

2/13/2015 5:11:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Judge Sees Leeway in Obamacare Mandates

2/12/2015 4:43:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Bid to Block Testimony in Peru Artifact Case Fails

2/11/2015 5:56:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Parents Must Clarify Claims Against Sheriff

2/4/2015 6:07:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Health First Monopoly Claims Advance in Fla.

2/3/2015 8:19:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Tribe, Attorney Must Pay $1 Million in Sanctions

1/29/2015 6:23:00 PM   Iulia Filip

FOIA Suit Chucked on Averted Terror Probe

1/26/2015 7:58:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Georgia City Can't Ban Shop Selling Sex Toys

1/23/2015 6:48:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Transgender Inmate Can Sue Prison Over Rape

1/21/2015 7:36:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Same-Sex Couples Can Fight Ga. Marriage Ban

1/14/2015 9:48:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Terror-Support Claims Plague Chiquita in Fla.

1/14/2015 7:28:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Clerk Allegedly Stole From Kids to Buy Vette

1/13/2015 4:53:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Uncle Sam's Inaction on Fracking Fought in D.C.

1/9/2015 8:20:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Athlete With Disability Can Challenge Fight Ban

1/6/2015 5:39:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Big-Money Haiti Radio Spat Kept in Court

12/30/2014 4:41:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Honey Rockwell Can't Prove She Was Exploited

12/26/2014 10:45:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Fla. Bar Can't Restrict Attorney Advertising

12/26/2014 9:49:00 PM   Iulia Filip

S.C. Teen Exonerated |70 Years After Execution

12/19/2014 4:52:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Gay-Marriage Confusion in FL Put to High Court

12/17/2014 6:18:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Hospital Faces Liability Over Medicare Payments

12/16/2014 6:24:00 PM   Iulia Filip

The Enemy Inside

12/16/2014 3:13:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Shareholders Can Pursue Claims Against MiMedx

12/12/2014 4:27:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Boost to Venezuelan Immigrant's FOIA Case

12/9/2014 5:59:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Private Probation Firms Charged Illegal Fees

12/4/2014 7:13:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Appellate Victory for Facilitator of Child Rape

11/24/2014 2:40:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Tour Guides Say Savannah Is Silencing Them

11/20/2014 6:07:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Carnival Must Defend Passenger-Death Claim

11/7/2014 6:06:00 PM   Iulia Filip

No Naked Exam,|Court Tells Kidnapper

11/4/2014 2:57:00 PM   Iulia Filip

What Would Vlad|the Impaler Do?

10/30/2014 6:44:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Smoker Fails to Prove Tobacco Cancer Claim

10/21/2014 8:49:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Fla. Sheriff May Be Liable for Arrest Over Taping

10/20/2014 3:39:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Libertarian Barred From Appearing in Fla. Debate

10/17/2014 3:50:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Parents May Be Liable |For Nasty Facebook Page

10/14/2014 8:33:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Hospice Care Firm May Still Face Fraud Claims

10/11/2014 3:54:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Tyler Perry Case Not Ripe for Review

10/8/2014 12:50:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Court Refines Former DC School Admins' Claims

10/7/2014 2:47:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Transgender Inmate Can't Sue Over Sexual Assault

9/26/2014 9:03:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Challenge to Airport Body Scans Dismissed

9/24/2014 9:30:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Accused Smuggler Can Chase Claim for Artifacts

9/22/2014 9:01:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Baby Dies on Airport Conveyor Belt

9/17/2014 1:53:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Title Insurer Owes $4.9M for Failure of Mortgages

9/12/2014 8:53:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Widow Loses Suit Over Post-Shoot-Out Ruin

9/10/2014 1:26:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Finding My Religion

9/9/2014 12:57:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Delta's Claims Can Fly Against Bogus Marketers

9/5/2014 5:14:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Nursing Home Case Sent Off to State Court

9/3/2014 7:26:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Florida U.S. Judge Strikes Down Gay Marriage Ban

8/25/2014 11:58:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Judge Won't Enjoin Commodores Revival

8/22/2014 1:49:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Gucci, Yves St. Laurent Call Alibaba a Pirate

8/20/2014 1:57:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Florida Goes After Puppy Farm Family

7/22/2014 1:13:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Scientist Says a Retraction Would Defame Her

7/16/2014 1:13:00 PM   Iulia Filip

EU Court Sets Synthetic Pot Apart From Medicine

7/11/2014 7:10:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Feds Disrupt Giant Online Crime Ring

7/8/2014 12:13:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Ex-Georgia School Admin May Prove Retaliation

7/7/2014 2:30:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Horrible Ending to Clinical Drug Trial

7/7/2014 11:28:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Baby-Delivery Kickback Claims Advance in GA

7/3/2014 1:36:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Georgia Execution Is First Since Okla. Mishap

6/19/2014 4:53:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Naked Arrest in Georgia Could Leave Cops Liable

6/18/2014 3:07:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Discovery Granted in Prison Killing

6/12/2014 12:17:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Horrifying Tale of Religious Conversion

6/12/2014 12:17:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Bain Sues Ernst & Young for $60 Million

6/11/2014 12:53:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Waffle House CEO|in Lurid Lawsuit

6/9/2014 11:24:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Judge Refuses to Rethink Obamacare Relief

6/6/2014 3:35:00 PM   Iulia Filip

MA Sues Fannie & Freddie Over Foreclosures

6/6/2014 12:16:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Lawyer Clobbered on Verdict for Scientology

6/4/2014 6:08:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Panel Says Medicare Must Pay for Sex Reassignment

6/3/2014 1:49:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Rodman Pal Claims New Times Defamed Her

5/30/2014 12:30:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Massacre Claims Follow Former Bolivia President

5/29/2014 11:49:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Trigger-Happy Cops in South Florida

5/28/2014 11:21:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Execution-Drug Secrecy in Georgia Upheld

5/22/2014 6:36:00 PM   Iulia Filip

No One's Laughing at The Onion

5/22/2014 12:08:00 PM   Iulia Filip

FTC Claims Against Lab Won't Face Injunction

5/19/2014 4:17:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Antitrust Complaint for College Applications

5/13/2014 10:54:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Florida Teacher-Rating|System Upheld by Judge

5/12/2014 8:39:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Keystone Can't Strike Claims in Contract Case

5/9/2014 11:26:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Man Says Freedom-Touting Site Defamed Him

5/9/2014 12:10:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Alarming Retaliation Complaint Against NBC

5/8/2014 12:43:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Man Says NYPD Screwed Up & Defamed Him

5/6/2014 10:26:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Strange Bedfellows Nixed in Fla. Marriage-Equality Case

5/1/2014 10:50:00 PM   Iulia Filip

TLC Founder Says Viacom Defamed Her

4/30/2014 11:54:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Immunity Denied in AndroGel Monopoly Spat

4/28/2014 4:26:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Fetuses May Get 'Stand Your Ground' Rights

4/25/2014 9:54:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Dogfight Over NYC|Central Library Plan

4/22/2014 9:52:00 AM   Iulia Filip

$100,000 Bottle of Wine was Just Grape Juice

4/21/2014 10:29:00 AM   Iulia Filip

The World's Worst Boss?

4/16/2014 10:04:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Judge May Moor 'Pirates' Action in California

4/15/2014 2:40:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Georgia Funnels Money to Religious Schools

4/7/2014 6:41:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Uncle Bubba's|Closes Suddenly

4/4/2014 2:51:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Managers Blamed for Little Girl's Murder

4/3/2014 7:05:00 AM   Iulia Filip

A Sordid Tale of Alabama Law Enforcement

4/2/2014 9:59:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Unregistered Broker Case Settled for $13 Million

3/28/2014 10:13:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Congressman Cleared on False Arrest Claims

3/26/2014 5:10:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Class Claims Weight Watchers Juggled Books

3/25/2014 10:50:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Besieged 'Fashion Vulture' Sues Target

3/24/2014 9:18:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Officer Describes Police Corruption in Alabama

3/17/2014 12:54:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Framed for Double Murders in New York

3/14/2014 12:44:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Judge Sees Possible Retaliation in Miami

3/11/2014 4:40:00 PM   Iulia Filip

NASA Guy Cries Foul Over Challenger Film

3/11/2014 10:11:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Record Fine for Dirty Coal Companies

3/7/2014 12:05:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Support for New Trial of Executed Black Child

3/4/2014 6:18:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Reseller Sued by Sprint Nabs Favorable Rulings

3/3/2014 8:56:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Nicki Minaj's Hair Stylist|Is Wigged Out

2/25/2014 10:37:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Whistle-Blower Denied Access to Settlement Info

2/24/2014 5:13:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Keith Haring Foundation Sued for $40 Million

2/24/2014 12:22:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Parochial School Pares 1970s Sex Abuse Claims

2/19/2014 11:24:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Embattled Georgia Cop Stumbles in Speech Suit

2/14/2014 7:19:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Florida Deputies Were Out of Line, Man Says

2/13/2014 12:50:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Details Sought on Private Prison Settlement

2/11/2014 2:04:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Red Flag Thrown for Super Bowl Party

2/10/2014 2:12:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Looking Into Hubby's Ex May Cost Florida Deputy

2/7/2014 3:52:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Sub Teacher Says His Rights Were Violated

2/7/2014 12:10:00 PM   Iulia Filip

False Positive Supports|Elephant Owner's Suit

2/4/2014 5:05:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Tsunami of Stinky Sewage Destroys Home

1/29/2014 3:01:00 PM   Iulia Filip

AIDS Group Outraged at 'Mister' Rival

1/28/2014 2:01:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Mother Claims School Program Hired Predator

1/24/2014 1:36:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Florida Spammer Crawls Over Obamacare

1/23/2014 1:51:00 PM   Iulia Filip

New Trial Sought for Black Child Executed in '44

1/22/2014 11:00:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Prison Visitation Ban May Have Been Unfair

1/20/2014 5:53:00 PM   Iulia Filip

'Profound Treachery' in Font Business

1/20/2014 2:24:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Pilots Say Union Website Was Hijacked

1/14/2014 1:13:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Assembly Line Justice in Georgia Courts

1/10/2014 1:24:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Fired Georgia Tech Professor Loses Lawsuit

1/8/2014 6:26:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Burned to Death by a Refrigerator

1/8/2014 12:45:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Florida's Limited Prison Kosher Plans Are Unfair

1/3/2014 4:39:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Traffic Stops for Cheek Swabs Bring Lawsuit

12/30/2013 1:27:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Georgia Fee on Phone Subsidies Eliminated

12/27/2013 9:33:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Dance Photog Claims Painter Swiped Images

12/24/2013 12:01:00 PM   Iulia Filip

More Women Sue Hopkins Over Ob-Gyn

12/20/2013 2:11:00 PM   Iulia Filip

U.S. Attorney Ruined Him in|Vendetta, Retired FBI Man Says

12/17/2013 2:53:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Rapper Killed in Fight Over Candy, Dad Says

12/16/2013 2:09:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Georgia Bank Directors Can't Dodge FDIC suit

12/13/2013 4:33:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Mom Says Security Put Dead Son in a Taxi

12/13/2013 2:20:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Friends of Grizzly Bears Take on a Zoo

12/5/2013 2:37:00 PM   Iulia Filip

U.S. Catholic Bishops Scorched in Lawsuit

12/4/2013 2:55:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Sales Software is 'Entirely Illegal,' Class Claims

12/3/2013 2:06:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Homeless Group Loses Solicitation Ban Suit

12/2/2013 5:24:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Racial Gerrymandering Lawsuit in Louisiana

11/27/2013 1:12:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Class Calls Match.com a Giant RICO Fraud

11/25/2013 12:31:00 PM   Iulia Filip

'Junk Insurance' Called a Health Care Scam

11/22/2013 2:06:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Judge Defends Google's Book-Digitization Project

11/18/2013 5:04:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Beaten Up at a Meeting on Bullying

11/18/2013 1:33:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Debt Expert Claims Cabal Smeared Him

11/14/2013 1:20:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Mother Says School Blew off Sex Reports

11/8/2013 12:50:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Titanic Exhibit Creators Pick Up Steam in Court

11/7/2013 5:38:00 PM   Iulia Filip

'Stand Your Ground'|Challenged in Georgia

11/7/2013 2:04:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Mom Says Murder Could Have Been Prevented

11/6/2013 1:33:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Court Fight Over Vietnam Battlefield Tours

11/5/2013 2:20:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Columbia Journalism Review Defamed Her, Woman Says

11/4/2013 1:28:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Haitian Official Settles Libel Suit Against Writer

10/31/2013 9:17:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Class Sues Chinese Software Firm NQ Mobile

10/29/2013 11:48:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Partner Claims Ex-NBA Man Owes $469,000

10/22/2013 1:58:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Securities Dealer Claims May Leave Bank Liable

10/22/2013 1:41:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Red Wolf Defenders Howl at North Carolina

10/21/2013 1:58:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Snookered by Online Pirate, Couple Claims

10/17/2013 12:19:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Telecom Sues AMC for 'Strong-Arm' Tactics

10/16/2013 12:06:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Florida City's Solicitation Ban Passes Court Muster

10/14/2013 7:55:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Show Fell Apart, 'Project Runway' Star Claims

10/11/2013 10:51:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Court Upholds New York Mixed Martial Arts Ban

10/10/2013 3:06:00 PM   Iulia Filip

With BlackBerry Stock in Tailspin, Investors Sue

10/8/2013 3:15:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Court Won't Unfreeze Assets in Fraud Case

10/1/2013 2:19:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Spain Nets $1 Million in Fees in Sunken Treasure Case

9/30/2013 9:24:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Bulk Text Messaging Suit Stayed for Arbitration

9/26/2013 3:29:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Patent Dispute Over Frontline Kept Alive

9/23/2013 7:57:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Judge Allows Testimony|on Seroquel Risks

9/20/2013 5:29:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Georgia Deemed Proper Venue for Contract Suit

9/18/2013 3:32:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Airman Accuses Best Buy of Invading Privacy

9/17/2013 8:29:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Ex-Bolivian Official's Bail Request Denied

9/17/2013 4:58:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Industry Fights Maine's|Prescription Drug Law

9/13/2013 12:54:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Accused Whistle-Stealer Can't Fight in Federal

9/6/2013 8:57:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Student Calls Professor a Rapist & Predator

8/30/2013 11:09:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Paula Deen Suit Thrown Out, but Sanctions Loom

8/26/2013 9:13:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Class of Deaf & Disabled Suing Georgia Upheld

8/23/2013 2:58:00 PM   Iulia Filip

New Alabama School Law Called Racist

8/23/2013 12:16:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Rapist Given Paternity Rights to Victim's Child

8/21/2013 8:15:00 AM   Iulia Filip

CFTC Sues Gold Dealer for $13 Million

8/15/2013 10:55:00 AM   Iulia Filip

North Carolina Voter ID Law Challenged

8/14/2013 11:32:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Old Folks Homes Accused of Defrauding Seniors

8/7/2013 11:57:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Privilege Won't Shield Paula Deen's Ex-Lawyer

8/6/2013 5:48:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Film 'Internship' Was Just a Sweatshop, Man Claims

8/2/2013 12:29:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Kaplan University Hasn't Cleared Fraud Suit Yet

7/31/2013 12:50:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Georgia Can Look Into Immigration Statuses

7/29/2013 5:12:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Antitrust Complaint in Drug Data Markets

7/26/2013 12:38:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Class Claims DC Cops|Target Black Motorcyclists

7/23/2013 12:35:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Political Asylee Claims U.S. Is Following Him

7/22/2013 1:28:00 PM   Iulia Filip

PR Firm Puts Pakistani Client on Hot Seat

7/22/2013 1:28:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Quarrel Over Fees in $3 Billion Cobell Case

7/19/2013 12:49:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Venezuelan Complicates the Asylum Picture

7/19/2013 12:49:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Kentucky Tries to Bar Advice Columnist

7/18/2013 12:24:00 PM   Iulia Filip

New Lawyers for Deen After N-Word Debacle

7/15/2013 9:16:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Deaf People Accuse Starbucks of Bias

7/12/2013 12:42:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Students Demand $380 Million|From Yeshiva U High School

7/11/2013 11:29:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Bizarre Job Lasted Two Days, Woman Says

7/10/2013 1:00:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Collective Amnesia

7/3/2013 6:54:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Suit Can't Save Shrek-Like Cartoon on House

7/3/2013 5:48:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Collective Amnesia

7/3/2013 2:35:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Paula Deen's N-Word Admission Is Only the Tip

7/1/2013 4:36:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Woman Claims Hospital Let Doc Run Wild

7/1/2013 12:47:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Second Cop Sues Town Over Police Chief

7/1/2013 12:47:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Big Business Sues Ecuador for $1 Billion

6/28/2013 11:55:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Officers May Be Liable for Tasering Suspect in Tree

6/25/2013 8:01:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Utility Men Say Whistle-Blowing Cost Them

6/25/2013 6:15:00 PM   Iulia Filip

FDIC Won't Face Sanction in Failed Bank Discovery

6/21/2013 3:45:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Feds Must Produce NSA Dragnet|Records for Criminal Defense

6/18/2013 12:19:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Ex-Clerk Says Judge Was a Horn Dog

6/17/2013 12:03:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Missing Florida Attorney's|Firm Sued for $600,000

6/14/2013 12:24:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Digital Library Boosters Take Aim at Critics

6/11/2013 5:24:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Fund Claims Murdochs Blew $655 Million

6/11/2013 10:44:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Class Denounces 'Court-Ordered Rape'

6/6/2013 12:15:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Feds Cleared on Citizen's Cuban Imprisonment

6/5/2013 8:49:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Man Says City Fired Him for Being Mormon

6/3/2013 12:48:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Frank Carlucci Demands His $37 Million

5/30/2013 12:26:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Directors May Be Liable for Defunct Bank's Ruin

5/24/2013 9:00:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Racial Insults Were Unending, Worker Says

5/23/2013 11:58:00 AM   Iulia Filip

NYPD Accused of Enticing Bogus Crime

5/22/2013 3:11:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Gay Marriage Angle Used in Porn Download Case

5/21/2013 3:04:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Georgia City Demands That Residents Buy Guns

5/21/2013 2:01:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Deputies Watch Woman Die in Court

5/20/2013 1:14:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Pemex Claims Siemens Paid Millions in Bribes

5/17/2013 11:56:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Cuba Embargo in Florida Goes Too Far, Court Says

5/15/2013 3:15:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Family Sues CCA for Death in Prison Riot

5/10/2013 2:04:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Tax-Averting Widow Must Make IRS Whole

5/8/2013 7:14:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Freed Man Says Phony Attorneys Grilled Him

5/6/2013 10:33:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Mafia Snitch Blames Uncle Sam for Blindness

5/3/2013 2:27:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Dispute Ends Over Whale Trainer's Drowning Tape

5/2/2013 5:05:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Former Madam to the Stars Sues Her Ex

5/1/2013 1:41:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Unarmed, Caged In and Shot 137 Times

4/29/2013 9:59:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Arrest Warrant Issued|for Country Star Currington

4/26/2013 1:15:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Fight Over Phony $410,000 Coin Ends

4/23/2013 2:43:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Ink Returned to Writer in Haitian Minister Spat

4/18/2013 1:34:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Gymnast Says Group|Gave Perv Coach a Pass

4/18/2013 12:44:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Reprimanded for Climate Change Work, Scientist Says

4/16/2013 2:00:00 PM   Iulia Filip

What Does the DHS Have on Reddit Suicide?

4/16/2013 2:00:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Arkansas Waste Pipeline Ducks Federal Challenge

4/15/2013 3:49:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Mom Says DC Cop Assaulted Little Kid

4/15/2013 1:26:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Celebrity Booker Claims Redskin Defamed Her

4/12/2013 11:31:00 AM   Iulia Filip

GOP Washed Campaign Money, Voters Say

4/10/2013 12:16:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Patient Referral Gambit Could Close In on Tenet

4/9/2013 4:14:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Fatal Payback for Organizing, Mother Says

4/9/2013 12:32:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Feds Cleared on Sergeant Who Slayed His Family

4/4/2013 5:41:00 PM   Iulia Filip

11th Circuit Calls Generic Drug Data Fair Game

4/2/2013 1:09:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Sick Old Man Says He Was Conned for $1M

4/2/2013 1:09:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Family Says School Passed Along a Predator

4/1/2013 1:33:00 PM   Iulia Filip

NCAA Licenser Can Keep Insurance Suit in Georgia

3/28/2013 1:38:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Real Soap Opera About Purell Heists

3/28/2013 1:03:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Judge Nixes Claims Over Inflated Credit Ratings

3/27/2013 6:52:00 PM   Iulia Filip

'The Worst Abuse|I Have Ever Seen'

3/26/2013 12:29:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Georgia Immigration Law Curbed by Federal Judge

3/22/2013 4:06:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Casino Claims Cheaters|Took It for $1.2 Million

3/22/2013 1:47:00 PM   Iulia Fillip

Hour Records at Lockheed Didn't Defraud the Gov't

3/21/2013 4:34:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Girl Says Creepy Deputy Took Her Home

3/20/2013 12:40:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Changes to Alabama Emissions Rule Upheld

3/15/2013 8:54:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Church Accused of Trafficking in Abuse

3/14/2013 12:35:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Client Claims Lawyer Billed Her for Sex

3/13/2013 12:20:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Cablevision Sues Viacom in Antitrust Complaint

3/12/2013 12:59:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Class Claims Creepy OB-GYN|Filmed Them at Johns Hopkins

3/7/2013 1:57:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Feds Dodge Challenge to Pursuit of Drug Case

3/5/2013 11:00:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Manager Says Boss Kept a 'Witch File'

3/5/2013 1:50:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Shot to Death by a New Orleans Cop

3/1/2013 2:28:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Producer Claims Blackground Records Cheated

2/27/2013 1:45:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Class Demands $1.3 Billion From Hertz

2/26/2013 12:17:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Suit Over Sheriff's Office Hijinx Can't Make Grade

2/25/2013 2:08:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Get Thee Behind Me, Satan!

2/21/2013 1:01:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Law Firm Can't Pin BBB for False Advertising

2/20/2013 3:50:00 PM   Iulia Filip

18 Say Mortgage Scam Targeted Blacks

2/20/2013 12:30:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Woman Says Boss Gave Her Two Children

2/19/2013 1:59:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Investor Sues Former MIT Prof for $800K

2/15/2013 1:28:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Receiver Claims AmEx Got $5 Million in Scam

2/14/2013 11:58:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Records of AIG Securities Fraud Probe Stay Sealed

2/13/2013 4:24:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Lawyers Sanctioned for Protesting Bungled Fund

2/5/2013 8:40:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Cops Gave Out Dope for Experiment, Six Say

2/5/2013 11:15:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Security Guards Were in on It, Company Says

2/1/2013 2:09:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Brouhaha Over Justin Bieber-Endorsed Scents

1/31/2013 12:45:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Girl Says Teacher Choked Her Unconscious

1/30/2013 2:20:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Scientology's Legal Foe May Still Face Sanction

1/30/2013 1:53:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Sandusky's Predation Began With Paterno's Socks, Doe Says

1/24/2013 12:44:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Judge Stalls Changes to Prompt-Payment Law

1/22/2013 2:21:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Sergeant's Murder Trial May Leave Feds Liable

1/22/2013 2:02:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Florida Wants Military|School Shut Down

1/22/2013 11:24:00 AM   Iulia Filip

FCC Encoding Rules Sent Back to Drawing Board

1/18/2013 5:46:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Baccarat Player Says Trump Casino Took Gains

1/18/2013 1:12:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Horrific Complaints Against|Schoolteacher and School Board

1/16/2013 12:46:00 PM   Iulia Filip

N.Y. Bungled Fund Then Sued Critics, Group Says

1/11/2013 8:17:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Producer Loses Ground in Tussle Over Yung Joc

1/8/2013 9:37:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Facebook Ducks Suit on Anti-Semitic User Pages

1/4/2013 2:19:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Defamed by 'Of Meat and Manhood,' Exec Says

1/2/2013 10:41:00 AM   Iulia Filip

It Was So Unfair, Occupy D.C. Guy Says

12/28/2012 12:29:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Florida Contamination to Cost Lockheed $3M More

12/20/2012 5:21:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Sore Loser Owes Miss Universe Pageant $5M

12/20/2012 12:01:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Illegal Immigrant Loses Fight to Bear Arms

12/19/2012 7:41:00 PM   Iulia Filip

$250 Million Demand for Taxicab Tech

12/19/2012 12:58:00 PM   Iulia Filip

The End of the World

12/19/2012 12:54:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Bank Says Big Shot Pulled a Fast One

12/14/2012 1:07:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Attorney Loses Bid to Block Sanctions Hearing

12/7/2012 7:54:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Realty Firm Accused of Fraud & Elder Abuse

12/6/2012 1:46:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Court Renews Burn Suit Against Hair Dye Maker

12/5/2012 9:33:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Greenberg Traurig Faces $200M Bias Claim

12/4/2012 1:50:00 PM   Iulia Filip

USA Says Firms Rolled Workers on Stocks

11/30/2012 2:02:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Friends of 110 Chimpanzees|Seek Safe Haven for Them

11/29/2012 1:17:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Visa Sponsor Accused of Forced Labor

11/28/2012 12:40:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Screwed and Tattooed, Foreign Students Say

11/27/2012 12:39:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Anthem Can Settle Dentists' Suit for $3.8M

11/26/2012 4:47:00 PM   Iulia Filip

U.S. Whacks First Bank of Delaware

11/21/2012 12:46:00 PM   Iulia Filip

U.S. Hangs Citizen Out to Dry in a Cuban Prison

11/20/2012 12:54:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Fannie & Freddie Can Avoid Green Home Liens

11/19/2012 3:05:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Former Top Official Files Scorching Complaint Against SEC

11/19/2012 12:56:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Where's That $6 Million?

11/16/2012 1:15:00 PM   Iulia Filip

NFL Falcons Can't Seek Benefits in California

11/15/2012 7:37:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Legionaries of Christ|Sued for $1 Million

11/15/2012 11:54:00 AM   Iulia Filip

$40 Million Claim Against Troutman Sanders

11/14/2012 12:44:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Making History

11/8/2012 12:26:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Deferred Deportations May Help 1.7 Million

11/6/2012 11:48:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Exception to EPA Water-Transfer Rule Holds Fast

11/5/2012 5:53:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Hershey Co. Sued for|Info on Child Labor

11/5/2012 11:01:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Discredited Nazi-Looted Art Hunter Loses Suit

11/2/2012 8:15:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Voters Challenge Charter School Amendment

10/31/2012 12:08:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Info Demanded on Georgia Immigration Regime

10/26/2012 1:25:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Kaiser Won't Pay Up, Major Hospital Says

10/24/2012 12:29:00 PM   Iulia Filip

AndroGel Monopoly Suit Finally Reaches Its End

10/23/2012 2:48:00 PM   Iulia Filip

No Pre-Election Review|of Florida's Voter Purge

10/18/2012 3:10:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Pen Bomb Goes Off in School

10/18/2012 1:02:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Floridian Sues Venezuela for|Lock of Simon Bolivar's Hair

10/17/2012 12:07:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Clever Embezzlers Took $850,000, Store Says

10/15/2012 1:32:00 PM   Iulia Filip

No Time Limit for Florida to Remove Illegal Voters

10/11/2012 12:44:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Georgians Fight State's 'Education Empire'

10/10/2012 11:25:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Student Says College|Covered for Rapist Coach

10/9/2012 11:53:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Anti-Gay Therapy Ban Impugned in California

10/5/2012 6:50:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Delisting Battlefield Will Not Increase Mining Risk

10/5/2012 2:28:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Judge Rejects Challenge|to Florida Voting Plan

10/2/2012 9:41:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Feds Indict Stock Broker for Bribery Scheme

10/2/2012 6:12:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Groups Ask High Court to Invalidate Gene Patents

9/26/2012 7:39:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Jury's 'Gag Gifts' Don't Void Death Sentence

9/26/2012 3:56:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Justin Bieber Defeats Suit Over 'Beaver' IPhone App

9/24/2012 3:09:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Stripper Claims Shrink Sexually Assaulted Her

9/21/2012 1:35:00 PM   Iulia Filip

FDA Dodges Suit Over Makena Enforcement

9/20/2012 9:37:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Consent Issue Remains in 'Girls Gone Wild' Case

9/18/2012 1:08:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Watchdog Wants Records on Senator's Affair

9/12/2012 2:05:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Alien Status of Parents Shouldn't Affect Tuition

9/10/2012 7:26:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Memphis Sues Tennessee|Over Voter ID Law

9/6/2012 12:57:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Limits on Voting Drives in Florida Fall Wayside

8/31/2012 6:16:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Georgia Ordered to Cover Costly Pregnancy Drug

8/30/2012 9:06:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Probation for Sale in Alabama, Class Claims

8/30/2012 1:24:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Teen's Drowning Blamed on Synthetic Pot

8/29/2012 12:29:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Boy's Death Blamed|on Synthetic Pot

8/29/2012 12:29:00 PM   Iulia Filip

The Man in the Moon

8/29/2012 11:01:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Judge Assigns Liability in Coal Ash Calamity

8/28/2012 4:55:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Georgia Immigration Law Given Some Leeway

8/23/2012 9:59:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Shareholders Say Bank Failed on Purpose

8/22/2012 1:13:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Reality TV Star Called a Fraudster

8/21/2012 12:54:00 PM   Iulia Filip

ACLU Ousted From Ten Commandments Case

8/20/2012 8:48:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Firms May Patent Genes, Not Comparative Means

8/20/2012 2:05:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Newspaper Wins Access|to City Ticket Records

8/16/2012 4:34:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Couple Claims Former Pastor Defrauded Them

8/16/2012 1:14:00 PM   Iulia Filip

15 Customers Scorch Bank of America

8/15/2012 1:01:00 PM   Iulia Filip

No Class Action Over Unconstitutional Tuition

8/14/2012 5:14:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Lawyers Sanctioned for Discovery Buffoonery

8/14/2012 3:44:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Off-Road Vehicles Face a Florida Preserve Blowout

8/13/2012 2:24:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Businessman Claims Web Zine Defamed Him

8/9/2012 2:05:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Who Owns the $3.6 Million Ferrari?

8/9/2012 1:39:00 PM   Iulia Filip

HTC Doesn't Belong in Apple-Motorola Suit

8/7/2012 8:50:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Worker Says He Caught|Morgan Stanley in the Act

8/3/2012 12:41:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Judge Tosses Duplicate Claims Against School

8/2/2012 7:19:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Group Wants FEC to Tell It What the Rules Are

8/1/2012 1:34:00 PM   Iulia Filip

US May Be Liable for Prison Gang Assault

7/31/2012 4:10:00 PM   Iulia Filip

$29 Million Patent Demand for RealPlayer

7/30/2012 1:34:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Brutality Complaint Against Florida Police

7/26/2012 1:27:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Suit Over Contraception Mandate Is Not Yet Ripe

7/26/2012 11:36:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Inventor Challenges|New U.S. Patent Law

7/24/2012 10:49:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Court Won't Stay Cuban Workers' Slavery Lawsuit

7/20/2012 3:50:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Mosque & USA Sue County in Tennessee

7/20/2012 12:31:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Ancient $410,000 Greek Coin|Was Phony, Collector Says

7/19/2012 12:34:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Woman Says Frat Party Entices Predators

7/18/2012 12:37:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Deputies Beat Him for 'Amusement,' Man Says

7/18/2012 12:37:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Chat Line Blamed for Rapes of Children

7/16/2012 1:03:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Homeowners Have a Beef with BofA

7/13/2012 12:45:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Voters Sue Three Florida|Supreme Court Justices

7/11/2012 11:28:00 AM   Iulia Filip

'This Happens All the Time,' Hey?

7/9/2012 12:22:00 PM   Iulia Filip

False Claims Case Sticks to Telecom Contractor

6/22/2012 7:37:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Former Fan Sues Hank Williams Jr. Enterprises

6/22/2012 1:16:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Developer Escapes Death-by-Gator Liability

6/21/2012 10:59:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Kardashians Aren't a Suitworthy 'Terror'

6/20/2012 9:33:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Animal Farm on the Police Force

6/18/2012 11:06:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Cabbie Whaled on Them, Couple Say

6/18/2012 11:06:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Worker of the Week

6/18/2012 11:03:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Same-Sex Parents Sue North Carolina

6/15/2012 12:01:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Cox Accused of Defamation in Hazing Story

6/14/2012 12:43:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Cox Accused of Defamation in Hazing Story

6/14/2012 11:03:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Publishers Lose Dispute Over College Excerpts

6/13/2012 8:15:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Is That How Ethics Works in Georgia?

6/13/2012 12:48:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Tom Berenger Sues His Attorney

6/11/2012 11:47:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Principal Claims Daily News Defamed Him

6/8/2012 12:48:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Claims for Nazi-Looted Art Have Gloomy Future

6/7/2012 1:58:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Woman Says ATV Driveshaft Scalped Her

6/6/2012 2:15:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Judge Nixes Unfair Florida Limits on Voter Registration

6/5/2012 10:52:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Authors and Artists Can Sue Google as a Class

6/4/2012 3:31:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Google May Be Liable for Indirect Infringement

6/1/2012 3:17:00 PM   Iulia Filip

New Sex-Offender Rule Blasted as Shortsighted

6/1/2012 2:32:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Wealthy Heiress Dodges Suit Over Hubby's Estate

5/29/2012 9:25:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Catholic Groups Challenge Affordable Care Act

5/23/2012 12:42:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Oil Giant Repsol Sues Argentina

5/18/2012 1:36:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Disgraced Teacher Sues Over Obama Assassination Story

5/16/2012 8:13:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Lawyer Says Plagiarism Label Ruined Her

5/10/2012 4:07:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Fraternity Pledges Sued Over Hazing Death

5/9/2012 12:50:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Georgia's Treatment of Deaf Adults Violates ADA

5/8/2012 3:21:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Movie, Hedge Fund War Spreads to Attorneys

5/1/2012 1:16:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Latinos Have No Bias Case Over RNC Primaries

4/30/2012 12:49:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Mob Researcher Gets More Access to FBI Data

4/26/2012 4:26:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Times Sues DOJ for|Legal Memoranda

4/26/2012 12:00:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Good Samaritans Say Texas Acts From Spite

4/24/2012 12:02:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Insurance Cuts Leave Some Livid

4/18/2012 11:03:00 AM   Iulia Filip

$11 Million Ponzi Man Disappeared, SEC Says

4/16/2012 11:34:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Telecom Subpoenaed Over 'Terroristic' Caller

4/13/2012 5:46:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Monsanto and Big Tobacco Blamed for Birth Defects

4/10/2012 12:01:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Conspiracy Alleged in Mass Text Messages

4/9/2012 11:17:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Georgia Cops Can't Toss Claims Over Shooting

4/5/2012 8:43:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Bondholders Sock It to Struggling Dynegy

4/4/2012 1:59:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Losing D.A. Candidate Sues State's Top Cop

4/3/2012 3:37:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Woman Blames City for Loss of Her Leg

4/2/2012 1:37:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Shareholders Blast Dynegy & Carl Icahn

3/30/2012 11:54:00 AM   Iulia Filip

What Happened to $500 Million in Bonds?

3/28/2012 11:18:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Mortgage Lender Wants to Muzzle HUD

3/27/2012 11:40:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Judge Nixes Paula Deen's Gag Order Request

3/23/2012 1:33:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Insurance Beneficiaries Say NY Is Cheating

3/22/2012 10:35:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Class Describes YMCAs|as Homosexual 'Brothels'

3/20/2012 10:54:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Rights Group Sues Gay-Hating Minister

3/16/2012 12:14:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Antitrust Fight in Magazine Audience Research

3/12/2012 10:00:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Cocaine Use Will Cost Soccer Star $22 Million

3/7/2012 8:37:00 PM   Iulia Filip

They Take Football Seriously in Mississippi

3/7/2012 1:03:00 PM   Iulia Filip

USA Wants Money Back From Business Zone

3/6/2012 12:23:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Parents Blame School for Disabled Son's Death

3/5/2012 12:36:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Groups Challenge Election-Day Registration

3/1/2012 12:45:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Christian Network Trinity Broadcasting Sued

2/29/2012 1:41:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Porn Film Studio Must Prove D.C. Jurisdiction

2/28/2012 9:53:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Copyright Lawyer Must Prove Florida Standing

2/28/2012 7:32:00 PM   Iulia Filip

'There's No Way You're Gonna Get the Dog'

2/28/2012 12:44:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Elks, Spaghetti, a Jump, a Lawsuit

2/27/2012 1:08:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Paramount Sues Puzos Over 'Godfather' Sequel

2/22/2012 1:39:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Brokers Accused of 'Targeting' the Elderly

2/21/2012 1:50:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Couple Fights City Hall to Save Their Dog

2/17/2012 11:56:00 AM   Iulia Filip

New Customers Furious at Citibank Gimmick

2/16/2012 3:54:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Judge Has No Patience for Hypothetical Occupy Suit

2/15/2012 11:11:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Circus Sues for Right|to Prod Elephants

2/15/2012 1:26:00 PM   Iulia Filip

$125,000 Gone Just Like That, Couple Says

2/14/2012 1:39:00 PM   Iulia Filip

U.S. Can Press Honeywell|on Defective Body Armor

2/8/2012 4:16:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Planned Parenthood Sues Tennessee

2/6/2012 3:19:00 PM   Iulia Filip

That's not the Help He Wanted

2/6/2012 3:19:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Public Schools Call Pharmacia 'Wanton'

2/3/2012 2:52:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Group Says FBI Snoops|on Wikileaks Supporters

1/31/2012 11:03:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Author Says McGraw-Hill Cheats on Royalties

1/27/2012 1:05:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Enviro Says TVA Arrested Him for Reporting

1/25/2012 12:38:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Naming Whistle-Blower Could Cost PETA

12/5/2011 9:54:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Ministry Ignored Orphan Abuse, Adopters Say

12/2/2011 12:46:00 PM   Iulia Filip

'John Doe A' Says Sandusky Threatened Him

12/1/2011 12:58:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Italy Must Carry Blame|If Courts Cause Harm

11/30/2011 9:48:00 PM   Iulia Filip

John Doe No. 4 Sues|Sandusky's Foundation

11/30/2011 10:54:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Judge Lets Occupy Fort Myers Back Into Park

11/23/2011 4:00:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Big Brouhaha Over Women's Pro Soccer

11/23/2011 12:08:00 PM   Iulia Filip

'Anything Short of Shooting Them'

11/22/2011 1:05:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Cosmetics Company Claims CEO Rolled It

11/18/2011 11:33:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Mixed Martial Artists Fight New York Ban

11/17/2011 12:18:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Artists Call CBS the Chief Copyright Pirate

11/16/2011 12:02:00 PM   Iulia Filip

No Evident Infringement in Tennis Gear Dispute

11/15/2011 7:15:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Racism Decried in Philly Fire Department

11/15/2011 1:27:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Baltimore City Paper Faces Defamation Suits

11/10/2011 1:29:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Dad Calls Deputies a Couple of Big Bullies

11/7/2011 12:51:00 PM   Iulia Filip

USPS Need Not Disclose Psych Tests to Union

11/4/2011 4:51:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Terrell Owens Sues Greenberg Traurig

11/2/2011 12:45:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Antitrust Suit Alleges Milk Price-Fixing

10/31/2011 1:26:00 PM   Iulia Filip

No RICO Case in Bank's Ponzi Schemer Dealings

10/28/2011 10:48:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Man Learns the Perils of Internet Research

10/28/2011 11:31:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Groupon Sues Execs Who Fled to Google

10/26/2011 10:44:00 AM   Iulia Filip

One Class Isn't Enough in Medicaid-Waiver Suit

10/25/2011 5:30:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Tailor Claims Dominique Wilkins Beat Him

10/25/2011 9:28:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Sexual Abuse Continues in Immigration Jails

10/24/2011 2:23:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Class Claims GIs Are Gouged|for Calls From German Airport

10/19/2011 12:36:00 PM   Iulia Filip

War Widow Blames VA Neglect|for Her Husband's Suicide

10/18/2011 11:54:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Judge Breathes New Life in Medicare Privacy Case

10/17/2011 8:32:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Sales Rep Says Client Raped Her

10/14/2011 12:59:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Girl Claims NYPD|Cop Pimped Her at 13

10/13/2011 12:28:00 PM   Iulia Filip

'Financial Guru' Accused of Being Ponzi Man

10/12/2011 11:38:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Judge Slams FDA for Overreaching Lawsuit

10/12/2011 1:58:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Patient Says Doc Demanded Sex for Drugs

10/11/2011 11:25:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Court Tosses Homeless Shelter's Claims

10/7/2011 4:45:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Publisher Claims Fraud at Charles Schwab

10/7/2011 12:34:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Texas Politics Makes Poor Bedfellow to Career

10/6/2011 8:25:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Docs Made the Wrong Call, Grieving Dad Says

9/29/2011 9:42:00 PM   Iulia Filip

School May Be Liable for Abuse of Autistic Kid

9/29/2011 2:51:00 PM   Iulia Filip

The Face That Launched 7,000 Clicks

9/28/2011 2:07:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Kaplan Colleges Can't Kill False Claims Suits

9/22/2011 11:21:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Class of Clients Sues Big Atlanta Law Firm

9/22/2011 11:21:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Legal War of All Against All Continues in L.A.

9/21/2011 10:43:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Judge Blocks Privacy Law|for Florida Gun Owners

9/19/2011 10:22:00 PM   Iulia Filip

21 Say They Were Tortured in Kuwait

9/19/2011 11:34:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Vets' Group Says Mother Jones Defamed It

9/16/2011 2:19:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Lil Jon Filmmaker Can Sue Over Distribution

9/15/2011 6:40:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Writers Sue Universities for Digitizing Books

9/14/2011 1:16:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Army Contractor Can't Defuse Suit Over Bombs

9/14/2011 2:41:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Mom Says Prickly School Cop Killed Her Son

9/13/2011 2:00:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Lute Olson Says Fraudsters Took him for $1M

9/9/2011 11:54:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Medicaid Patients Can Sue Florida Over Delays

9/9/2011 11:54:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Lawsuit Calls California A.G. a BofA Lackey

9/8/2011 10:33:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Unionized Workers Fight N.J. Pension 'Reforms'

9/2/2011 12:14:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Science Gives Birth to Odd Maternity Lawsuit

9/1/2011 12:16:00 PM   Iulia Filip

'Remarkable Corporate Arrogance' at a Hilton

8/31/2011 11:06:00 AM   Iulia Filip

That's a Rather Stiff Bar Bill

8/30/2011 11:45:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Boxed-Out Producer Can Sue Seals Crofts Artist

8/29/2011 7:18:00 PM   Iulia Filip

$1 Billion-Plus Demands in Bank Failure

8/25/2011 12:43:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Boy Says School Paddling Broke His Jaw

8/25/2011 12:43:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Ousted Official Says Union Had It in for Him

8/24/2011 11:12:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Thou Shalt Not Mess Up Monument Mid-Appeal

8/19/2011 8:25:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Victim of Rape on Fort Bragg|Sues Army for Negligence

8/16/2011 12:45:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Man Who Fought for His Dog Can Seek Damages

8/5/2011 8:12:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Price-Fixing Alleged in Human Eggs

8/5/2011 2:33:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Cops 'Mad-Dogged' Her, Officer Says

8/1/2011 12:19:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Chiquita Can't Shuck Colombia Terror Claims

7/29/2011 8:51:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Class Rips Back-Door Money For Calif. Courts

7/29/2011 10:57:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Illinois Sues Public Union Over Pay Hike

7/22/2011 1:48:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Rehab Center Blasted As Scientology Front

7/21/2011 1:12:00 PM   Iulia Filip

NRA Can't Assist in Gun Owners' Privacy Fight

7/15/2011 1:46:00 PM   Iulia Filip

City Can't Nix Muslims' Evidence of Zoning Bias

7/14/2011 11:06:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Fight Over 'Stylish'|Electronic Toilet Seat

7/13/2011 12:48:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Black Group Challenges|Alabama Elections Law

7/8/2011 11:31:00 AM   Iulia Filip

A Sad Tale of Hollywood Mom

7/7/2011 12:34:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Country Duo's Claims to Be Held Against Them

7/6/2011 7:08:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Georgia Can't Enforce Tough Immigration Law

7/5/2011 9:04:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Art Analyst Sues The New Yorker

7/1/2011 2:38:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Consumer Class Tells AOL to Toss the Cookies

6/30/2011 11:20:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Suit Would Snip Circumcision Law in the Bud

6/24/2011 6:27:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Woman Says Doc Was After-Hours Predator

6/23/2011 12:02:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Hustler Must Pay Up for Nude Pics of Slain Wife

6/22/2011 6:07:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Drug Experts to Testify Against Former Clients

6/21/2011 7:55:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Smart Key Blamed for Another Death

6/21/2011 12:07:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Taking the Pill for Acne Was Fatal, Dad Says

6/20/2011 1:53:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Parents Say Story on Dead Son Defamed Them

6/16/2011 12:37:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Not the Ideal Business Partners

6/15/2011 11:45:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Judge Tosses Claim Over Hit Nelly Furtado Song

6/15/2011 12:31:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Squabble Over a da Vinci & a Giorgione

6/14/2011 10:59:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Class Claims Ford Steered Them Wrong

6/10/2011 11:43:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Cockfight Death Suit

6/8/2011 12:14:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Seals or Fireworks|for the 4th of July?

6/2/2011 12:37:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Class Blasts Thomas Jefferson School of Law

6/1/2011 10:49:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Thorny Marriage-Race Problem in Wisconsin

5/31/2011 10:20:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Boarding Sex Offender Wasn't the Sheriff's Idea

5/27/2011 7:47:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Alarming Job Complaint at Rehab Center

5/27/2011 11:41:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Sale of Warner Music to Russian Challenged

5/24/2011 11:39:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Class Certified In Chase 'Check Loan' Case

5/18/2011 2:03:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Author's Widow Wants|Movie Project Stopped

5/13/2011 1:52:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Judge Throws Out Suit Over Airport Screening

5/12/2011 8:52:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Outrage at Jonestown Massacre Monument

5/12/2011 12:31:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Family Claims H.S. Principal Went Ballistic

5/10/2011 10:20:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Bizarre Tale of $33 Million, & Where it Went

5/6/2011 11:33:00 AM   Iulia Filip

City Can't Crack Down|on Wildcat Breeder

5/3/2011 4:39:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Patients With Fatal Disease Sue Genzyme

5/3/2011 11:10:00 AM   Iulia Filip

PETA Demands Records on Circus Elephants

4/29/2011 12:54:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Plate Law Flouted Rights of Confederate Group

4/28/2011 3:47:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Women Accuse Charney of Shameless Acts

4/28/2011 12:21:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Ill Woman Claims Her Doctor Beat Her

4/27/2011 11:20:00 AM   Iulia Filip

State Alleges Giant Scam in Prepaid Funerals

4/20/2011 11:44:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Women Complain of Nursing Home Abuse

4/19/2011 12:45:00 PM   Iulia Filip

SoCal Business Claims Mayor Extorted It

4/18/2011 12:19:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Hardly a Tale of the Gallant South

4/18/2011 12:19:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Another Angry Brouhaha in Farmers Branch

4/15/2011 10:15:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Orlando Can Enact Ban on Feeding Homeless in Parks

4/14/2011 5:58:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Iranian-American Claims FBI Endangered Her

4/14/2011 11:07:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Medicare Fraud Suit Can Head to Trial, Judge Says

4/13/2011 6:10:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Tenet Fights Merger With Alarming Charges

4/13/2011 10:58:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Ashes to Ashes to Court

4/4/2011 10:42:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Mother Complains Over Treatment on 'COPS'

4/1/2011 12:50:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Court Pares Rape Victim's Civil Suit Against City

3/31/2011 9:24:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Wild Workplace Alleged|at Marc Jacobs

3/31/2011 11:56:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Website Opens Gallery to Artist's Copyright Suit

3/30/2011 12:52:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Woman Says Counselors Sent Her a Rapist

3/30/2011 12:23:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Mentally Ill Man Shot by Cops Has Triable Claims

3/24/2011 2:48:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Girl Says McDonald's Let Predator Run Wild

3/24/2011 10:46:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Porsche Fails to Outpace Suit Over Plane Engines

3/23/2011 1:41:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Court Won't Spit Out Suit Over Futile Mouth Rinse

3/18/2011 3:41:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Hedge Funds Say Porsche Cost Them $1 Billion

3/17/2011 11:57:00 AM   Iulia Filip

NBA Referee Sues AP Sportswriter

3/16/2011 10:32:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Usury is Usury, Class Tells Lenders

3/15/2011 10:38:00 AM   Iulia Filip

Body Armor Maker Loses Early Bid for Sanctions

3/9/2011 9:19:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Judge Stays Own Ruling to Strike Down Health Care

3/4/2011 11:53:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Drug Rep Lacks Fuel for Pfizer Retaliation Suit

3/4/2011 10:39:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Coca-Cola Dismisses Suit Over World Cup Promo

3/4/2011 6:57:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Charity Has a Problem With Cinderella's Night Out

2/24/2011 12:34:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Cabaret Loses Battle|Over Alcohol Ordinance

2/22/2011 11:39:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Gun Owners Renew Fight to Carry Arms in Church

2/18/2011 6:58:00 PM   Iulia Filip

T-Mobile Loses Bid to Build Subtle Cell Tower

2/15/2011 5:38:00 PM   Iulia Filip

NLRB Whacks Marsh Supermarkets

2/11/2011 12:02:00 PM   Iulia Filip

Class Claims Bank & Developer Rolled Them

2/9/2011 1:06:00 PM   Iulia Filip