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Americans Happy With Midterms, Pessimistic About Politics

11/16/2018 12:28:53 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Tale of an Election Day Reporter in Texas

11/7/2018 8:04:07 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Combat Veteran Faces an Uphill Fight in Texas

11/1/2018 11:56:13 AM   KELSEY JUKAM

Fifth Circuit Revives War Over Dallas Porn Festival

10/26/2018 1:18:57 AM   KELSEY JUKAM

Democrats, Republicans Split on Most Gun Issues

10/19/2018 11:08:24 AM   KELSEY JUKAM

Arkansas Justices OK Law Requiring Photo ID to Vote

10/11/2018 11:18:45 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Americans Still See Glass Ceiling in Politics, Business

9/20/2018 8:06:02 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Judge Blocks Texas Fetal Burial Law

9/6/2018 1:13:04 AM   KELSEY JUKAM

Poll: Trump’s Presidency is What Americans Expected

8/23/2018 9:18:45 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Poll: Americans Support More Women Running for Office

8/22/2018 7:07:32 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Jury Returns Guilty Verdict in Texas Campus Murder Trial

7/20/2018 11:00:43 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Judge Requests More Info as Fetal-Burial Trial Wraps

7/20/2018 9:09:08 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Murder Trial of Suspect in U-Texas Killing Kicks Off

7/11/2018 10:09:20 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Most Americans Say Social Media Sites Are Biased

6/28/2018 7:35:34 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Dallas Investor Sues NPR for $57M Over Seth Rich Coverage

6/22/2018 7:37:08 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Ted Cruz Assails ‘the Hard Left’ at GOP Convention

6/18/2018 11:20:20 AM   KELSEY JUKAM

Abortion Groups Challenge Dozens of Texas Restrictions

6/15/2018 6:43:29 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Houston Texans Face Second Suit From Former Cheerleaders

6/1/2018 7:13:04 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Texas Governor Pushes School Safety Plan in Wake of Shooting

5/30/2018 11:38:37 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

High Court Allows Arkansas Abortion Law to Take Effect

5/29/2018 8:25:33 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Poll: Americans Cautiously Supportive of North Korea Talks

5/10/2018 8:16:14 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Poll Shows Great Discontent With US Political System

4/27/2018 11:46:27 AM   KELSEY JUKAM

Republicans Have Rosy View of Economy Under Trump

3/22/2018 8:25:21 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Fifth Circuit Rules Texas Can Enforce Sanctuary Cities Ban

3/14/2018 2:27:36 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Study Finds Growing Generation Gap in American Politics

3/1/2018 9:41:16 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Federal Judge Blocks Texas’ Fetus-Funeral Law, for Now

1/30/2018 11:25:37 AM   KELSEY JUKAM

Feds Say Texas Illegally Excluded Disabled Students

1/12/2018 12:24:24 AM   KELSEY JUKAM

Lawmakers Contribute to Partisan Social Media Bubbles

12/18/2017 10:15:51 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Government Gets Low Marks on Health Care, Environment

12/14/2017 9:39:12 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Ban on Disaster Aid for Churches Likely Constitutional

12/7/2017 10:30:31 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Supreme Court Won’t Hear Challenge to Mississippi Flag

11/27/2017 8:40:18 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Judge Throws Out Texas’ Ban on Abortion Procedure

11/22/2017 11:57:04 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Pence Pushes Tax Cuts to Republican Governors

11/16/2017 3:25:06 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

House Speaker Calls for Roy Moore to Abandon Senate Race

11/14/2017 5:59:13 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Most Republicans Say America Is Now More Respected Worldwide

11/13/2017 4:50:39 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Judge to Decide Fate of Texas’ Ban on Abortion Procedure

11/9/2017 6:46:27 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Study Shows Americans Losing Confidence in Trump, Congress

11/3/2017 2:13:29 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Federal Judge Blocks Alabama Abortion Laws

10/27/2017 8:03:20 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Insurer's Limits on ER Coverage Slammed by Doctors Group

10/10/2017 9:46:57 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Texas Churches Fight FEMA for Right to Disaster Aid

10/4/2017 11:37:01 AM   KELSEY JUKAM

News Outlets’ Assessment of Trump Depends on Audience

10/2/2017 9:35:56 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Feds Accuse Colorado Employer of Bias Against US Citizens

9/28/2017 9:58:53 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Asylum Seekers Sue ICE Over Prolonged Detention

9/28/2017 10:26:28 AM   KELSEY JUKAM

Judge Strikes Down Obama Era Overtime-Pay Rule

9/1/2017 9:15:40 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Judge Halts New Texas Anti-Abortion Law, for Now

9/1/2017 3:40:07 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Judges Order Texas to Redraw Discriminatory House Maps

8/25/2017 10:13:33 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Hurricane Harvey Bears Down on Corpus Christi

8/24/2017 7:18:45 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Three Men Admit to Trafficking Protected Turtles

8/22/2017 6:42:50 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Bathroom Bill Dies in Texas as Special Session Ends

8/17/2017 8:27:11 AM   KELSEY JUKAM

Texas House Passes Ban on Insurance Coverage for Abortion

8/9/2017 11:13:17 AM   KELSEY JUKAM

Baby Boomers No Longer the Majority of Voters

7/31/2017 9:35:45 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Texas Senate OKs Bathroom Bill in Special Session

7/26/2017 7:36:41 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Poll Finds Trump’s Election Is Stressing People Out

7/21/2017 10:07:53 AM   KELSEY JUKAM

Federal Judge Asked to Block Four Arkansas Abortion Laws

7/14/2017 9:35:21 AM   KELSEY JUKAM

Fifth Circuit Stops Texas From Executing Disabled Man

7/13/2017 1:21:11 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Delta Passenger Sues Over Exploding Toilet

7/7/2017 7:50:26 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Texas High Court Deals Blow to Same-Sex Couples

7/3/2017 2:15:41 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

America’s Image Suffers Under Trump Presidency, Poll Shows

6/27/2017 10:15:55 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Cities Fight Texas Immigration Law in Federal Court

6/27/2017 11:28:17 AM   KELSEY JUKAM

White House Joins Texas’ Fight Against Sanctuary Cities

6/23/2017 10:38:58 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Americans Close to Guns, Whether They Own One or Not

6/22/2017 10:59:15 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Poll Shows Dems Ahead on Caring About Middle Class

6/20/2017 8:42:40 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Texas Governor Vetoes 50 Bills Ahead of Special Session

6/19/2017 5:57:58 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

UT Austin Stabbing Suspect Won’t Be Tested for Insanity

6/9/2017 7:57:16 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

San Antonio & Austin Fight Texas Immigration Law 

6/5/2017 9:17:44 AM   KELSEY JUKAM

Texas Legislative Session Ends With Threats of Violence

5/30/2017 5:03:22 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

San Antonio Police Review Body Cam of Cop Hitting Girl

5/25/2017 11:33:48 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Onslaught of Anti-Abortion Laws Approved in Texas

5/24/2017 10:06:40 AM   KELSEY JUKAM

El Paso County Sues Texas Over Anti-Sanctuary City Law

5/23/2017 12:37:44 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Texas Lawmakers Advance Transgender Bathroom Bill

5/22/2017 9:37:42 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

More Young Republicans Than Dems Switching Parties

5/18/2017 10:23:31 AM   KELSEY JUKAM

Abortion Bills Take Center Stage in Texas House

5/12/2017 11:21:07 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Border City & County Declare Legal War on Texas

5/9/2017 10:57:45 AM   KELSEY JUKAM

Texas Calls for a Convention of States

5/5/2017 11:05:40 AM   KELSEY JUKAM

Texas Bans Sanctuary Cities Despite Police Opposition

5/4/2017 11:11:50 AM   KELSEY JUKAM

Texas House Advances Ban on Sanctuary Cities

4/27/2017 8:40:55 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Loophole for Warren Buffett Pushed in Texas

4/25/2017 8:14:37 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Sons Say Texas Executed Their Innocent Father

4/25/2017 10:59:39 AM   KELSEY JUKAM

Texas Bill Chips Away at Nondiscrimination Ordinances

4/21/2017 1:16:55 AM   KELSEY JUKAM

Press Freedom Under Attack in Texas Legislature

4/19/2017 12:27:58 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Ignoring Judge, Texas Senators Push Fetal Burial Bill

3/30/2017 7:24:39 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Tennessee’s Execution Protocol Is Not Cruel and Unusual

3/30/2017 10:20:04 AM   KELSEY JUKAM

Texas Children’s Groups Seek Religious Protections

3/30/2017 10:17:12 AM   KELSEY JUKAM

Texas Senate Advances Two Anti-Abortion Bills

3/21/2017 6:30:41 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Austin, but not Texas, Resists Immigration Holds

3/21/2017 11:01:58 AM   KELSEY JUKAM

Ex-Congressman Accused of Election Violations

3/20/2017 11:04:58 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Anti-Sanctuary Bill Stalls in Texas House

3/17/2017 12:39:49 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Texas Senate Approves Bathroom Bill

3/15/2017 12:15:13 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Texas Lawmaker Files Satirical Anti-Masturbation Bill

3/13/2017 7:53:42 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Texans Say Fetal Burial Bill Doesn’t Go Far Enough

3/10/2017 12:45:23 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Texas Committee OKs Anti-Transgender Bathroom Bill

3/9/2017 11:27:00 AM   KELSEY JUKAM

Texas Clerks' Bill Would Wreck Online Court Access

3/8/2017 8:33:00 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

North Carolina Backs Texas on Bathroom Bill

3/7/2017 12:45:19 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Mexican Consul Tells Texas to Get a Grip on NAFTA

3/7/2017 12:43:53 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Texas Bill Would Ban ‘Wrongful Birth’ Claims

3/6/2017 12:24:13 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Texas Senate Calls for a Constitutional Convention

3/2/2017 12:23:19 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Lawmaker Wants Public Info Restricted to Texans

3/2/2017 12:22:03 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Attorney Accuses Border Patrol Agent of Perjury

2/27/2017 1:52:25 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Texas Judge Saves Planned Parenthood’s Medicaid Funding

2/22/2017 12:37:43 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Congressman Wants Answers on ICE Arrest in El Paso

2/21/2017 1:16:10 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

ICE Arrests Domestic Violence Victim at Courthouse

2/17/2017 11:49:04 AM   KELSEY JUKAM

Anti-Sanctuary City Bill Flies Through Texas Senate

2/8/2017 10:15:28 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Texas School Board Refuses to Evolve

2/7/2017 1:21:24 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Bill Targeting Sanctuary Cities Fast-Tracked in Texas

2/4/2017 12:31:47 AM   KELSEY JUKAM

Love Fest for Texas Muslims in Austin

2/1/2017 2:24:06 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Texas County Judge Makes Waves With Pussyhat

2/1/2017 2:12:08 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Judge Blocks Fetal Funeral Rules in Texas

1/28/2017 7:45:25 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Alabama Ordered to Redraw Racially Gerrymandered Districts

1/26/2017 11:21:29 AM   KELSEY JUKAM

Planned Parenthood Fights Texas for Medicaid Funding

1/18/2017 1:49:55 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Teen's Prison Murder Wasn't the First, His Parents Say

1/17/2017 8:55:21 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Two Arrested at Energy Transfer Pipeline Protest in Texas

1/13/2017 2:04:07 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Judge Extends Bar on Texas’ Fetal Funeral Rules

1/5/2017 1:18:04 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Federal Judge Chary About Texas’ Fetal Funeral Law

1/4/2017 1:43:25 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Report Finds Louisiana Segregates Mentally Ill

12/22/2016 4:32:51 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Guardians Fight the Army to Save Wild Horses

12/21/2016 12:06:31 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Federal Judge Delays Texas Fetal Burial Rules

12/16/2016 1:00:42 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Oklahoma Supreme Court Strikes Abortion Law

12/14/2016 3:53:27 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Abortion Clinics Sue Texas Over Fetal-Burial Rules

12/12/2016 11:59:24 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Texas Spreads Propaganda on Abortion, Groups Say

12/8/2016 1:10:23 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Mississippi Attorneys Seek to Stop Revival of Flag Lawsuit

12/8/2016 12:39:11 AM   KELSEY JUKAM

Hundreds of Immigrants Freed After Child Care License Ruling

12/6/2016 11:44:27 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Best Buy Not Liable for Drugged Employee’s Car Crash

12/2/2016 4:18:11 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Texas ‘Miscarriage Funeral’ Bill Takes Effect Dec. 19

12/2/2016 12:09:01 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Oklahoma City Airport Shooting Was Premeditated

11/18/2016 1:40:30 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Court Calls Botched Execution ‘Innocent Misadventure’

11/17/2016 9:12:33 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Texas Women Fight Rule for Burial of Miscarriages

11/10/2016 6:52:00 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Sexual-Misconduct Claims Cause Pastor to Resign

11/7/2016 1:53:00 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

'Vote Trump' Painted on Burned Black Church

11/3/2016 8:45:00 PM   KELSEY JUKAM

Death Row Inmate Sues Texas for DNA Tests

11/2/2016 4:09:00 PM   KELSEY JUKAM