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Democrats Pick Up More Seats in Northeastern States

11/7/2018 6:32:07 AM   PAMELA BAKER

Prep School Assault Conviction Affirmed in New Hampshire

11/6/2018 7:52:28 PM   PAMELA BAKER

Voter Registration Law Upheld in New Hampshire

10/27/2018 3:03:39 AM   PAMELA BAKER

NH Judge Pauses Stringent Voter-Registration Law

10/23/2018 6:20:03 PM   PAMELA BAKER

A Senator Without a Party: Flake Touts Compromise in NH

10/2/2018 5:44:53 PM   PAMELA BAKER

NH High Court Deals Blow to Debtors' Prison Practices

9/19/2018 10:39:08 PM   PAMELA BAKER

NH Breaks Ground in Candidate Selection for November

9/12/2018 2:55:43 PM   PAMELA BAKER

Courthouse News Voter Guide: New Hampshire Primary

9/11/2018 4:20:13 PM   PAMELA BAKER

Pipeline Loses Challenge to City Oil Ordinance

8/27/2018 10:05:52 PM   PAMELA BAKER

Judge Strikes Down NH Signature-Mismatch Voting Law

8/15/2018 10:07:22 PM   PAMELA BAKER

Voter-Fraud Commission Found Nothing, Ex-Member Says

8/3/2018 8:52:27 PM   PAMELA BAKER

NH Justices Give Green Light to Voting Residency Bill

7/12/2018 8:56:16 PM   PAMELA BAKER

Top New Hampshire Court Reverses in Adult Adoption Case

7/9/2018 8:44:37 PM   PAMELA BAKER

Maine Primary Augurs First Test of Ranked-Choice Voting

6/11/2018 8:27:48 PM   PAMELA BAKER

Judge Hangs Poland Spring Class Action Out to Dry

5/18/2018 8:45:33 PM   PAMELA BAKER

Mnuchin, Ivanka Trump Tout Tax Plan in New Hampshire

4/17/2018 10:12:22 PM   PAMELA BAKER

President Trump’s Opioid Plan Includes Death Penalty

3/19/2018 10:48:26 PM   PAMELA BAKER

Anonymity Granted to NH Winner of Powerball Jackpot

3/12/2018 5:23:56 PM   PAMELA BAKER

Maine Court Urged to Institute Ranked-Choice Voting

2/23/2018 11:59:08 PM   PAMELA BAKER

Maine's LePage Fought on Wind-Turbine Moratorium

2/1/2018 8:34:54 PM   PAMELA BAKER

'A Huge Mistake': NH Lotto Winner Sues for Anonymity

1/31/2018 5:13:42 PM   PAMELA BAKER

Judge Rejects Challenge to Maine City’s Crude-Oil Ban

12/29/2017 11:38:18 PM   PAMELA BAKER

Feds Seek Input on New Ocean Habitat Regulations

12/5/2017 9:07:53 PM   PAMELA BAKER

Judge Tosses Suit Over Aaron Hernandez Prison Calls

11/15/2017 10:25:18 PM   PAMELA BAKER

Billboard-Defamation Verdict Sets Record in New Hampshire

10/2/2017 6:37:37 PM   PAMELA BAKER

ACLU Calls Thousands of Massachusetts Drug Cases Tainted

9/21/2017 6:03:42 PM   PAMELA BAKER

Trouble Brews in New Hampshire for Voter-Fraud Showdown

9/12/2017 2:04:48 PM   PAMELA BAKER

New Hampshire Voter-Suppression Law Drives Suit

8/23/2017 7:15:28 PM   PAMELA BAKER

Firm Pushing for New York Pipeline Loses at 2nd Circuit

8/18/2017 8:47:57 PM   PAMELA BAKER

Neighbors Say Lewandowski Menaced Them With Bat

8/17/2017 8:28:35 PM   PAMELA BAKER

New Hampshire Reaches Deal with ACLU on Voter Data

8/8/2017 4:05:53 PM   PAMELA BAKER

Former Massachusetts Gov. Patrick Cleared of Defamation

6/13/2017 1:00:07 PM   PAMELA BAKER

Maine High Court Nixes Instant-Runoff Voting

5/25/2017 11:20:15 AM   PAMELA BAKER

Bookseller Fights Street-Vendor Ordinance

5/18/2017 12:43:50 AM   PAMELA BAKER

Union Tells Picket-Crossing Worker to Pay Up

5/10/2017 9:45:09 PM   PAMELA BAKER

Family Sues Amtrak for Death of Teenage Girl

5/6/2017 7:38:30 PM   PAMELA BAKER

Trump Allegiance Spurs Maine Governor to Sue State AG

5/3/2017 9:55:39 PM   PAMELA BAKER

Facebook Loses Appeal on 9/11 Disability Warrants

4/5/2017 7:32:20 PM   PAMELA BAKER

Hundreds of Cases on Fosamax Fractures Revived

3/28/2017 7:49:34 PM   PAMELA BAKER

Needle-Phobic Pharmacist Loses $1.8 Million on Appeal

3/22/2017 1:24:23 PM   PAMELA BAKER

2nd Circuit Orders Damages Recount for Aeropostale

3/10/2017 12:33:04 PM   PAMELA BAKER

New York Moms Call HPV-Vaccination Law Unconstitutional

3/7/2017 4:16:39 PM   PAMELA BAKER

Feds Blast NYC Board of Elections for Purging Voters

1/17/2017 7:50:02 PM   PAMELA BAKER

NY Criticized for Exception in Child Welfare

1/12/2017 5:45:37 PM   PAMELA BAKER

Poker Pro Ordered to Pay Back $10.1M in Winnings

12/19/2016 9:22:41 PM   PAMELA BAKER

Court Says Jury Misconduct Justified Firing

12/14/2016 7:13:00 PM   PAMELA BAKER

Horrific Case of Child-Sex Abuse in New Hampshire

11/1/2016 4:30:00 PM   PAMELA BAKER

Mixed Bag for Phil Ivey on Baccarat Bounty

10/27/2016 3:57:00 PM   PAMELA BAKER

Student Says Ramapo College Ignored Rape

10/24/2016 11:21:00 PM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS

Teen's Suicide Blamed on Abuse at Rikers

10/18/2016 9:54:00 PM   PAMELA BAKER

Man Says He Was Played in Visa Scheme

10/13/2016 1:27:00 AM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS

Kardashian Sues Over Claims She Faked Robbery

10/11/2016 10:44:00 PM   PAMELA BAKER

11th Circ. Reinstates Vaginal-Ultrasound Case

10/6/2016 5:58:00 PM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS

Unmarried Gay Ex Given Full Parental Rights

10/6/2016 2:36:00 PM   PAMELA BAKER

Undercover Owes $20K for Account of Drug Arrest

10/3/2016 3:34:00 PM   PAMELA BAKER

For Trump, Border Wall Key to Curbing Heroin

9/30/2016 2:40:00 PM   PAMELA BAKER

Sen. Warren Rallies for |Clinton in Tight NH Race

9/26/2016 3:39:00 PM   PAMELA BAKER

Suicide Followed NJ Campus Rape, Mom Says

9/12/2016 5:53:00 PM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS

US Sues for Return of Giant Lighthouse Lens

9/12/2016 11:49:00 AM   PAMELA BAKER

DUI Diversion Plan for|Veterans Splits Calif. Courts

9/7/2016 8:59:00 PM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS

California Courts Can Decide Plavix Lawsuits

8/30/2016 4:58:00 PM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS

Massive Federal Parkland Move in Maine Angers Locals

8/25/2016 9:00:00 PM   PAMELA BAKER

California Gold-Dredging Ban Upheld by High Court

8/23/2016 4:49:00 PM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS

CA Retirees Entitled to Prompt-Pay Protection

8/19/2016 4:26:00 PM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS

Company Says Domino's Stole Driver-Tracking Tech

8/9/2016 8:00:00 PM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS

Appeals Court Reinstates Hepatitis C Lawsuits

7/22/2016 5:31:00 PM   PAMELA BAKER

Class Claims DirecTV|Takes Money & Runs

7/21/2016 1:33:00 PM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS

Conviction Upheld Over Tragic Bathroom Video

7/19/2016 5:25:00 PM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS

Cuban Diplomat's Son Gets New Shot at CIA Records

7/18/2016 6:33:00 PM   PAMELA BAKER

Hunters Fight New Jersey Ban on Big-Game Imports

7/11/2016 8:28:00 PM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS

Trump Doubles Down on Call to Ban Muslims

6/13/2016 9:22:00 PM   PAMELA BAKER

Conviction Overturned in Buttocks Injection Death

6/3/2016 7:40:00 PM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS

CA High Court Upholds Juvie Murder Sentence

5/27/2016 8:31:00 PM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS

Asbestos Verdict Reinstated in California

5/24/2016 5:02:00 PM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS

LendingClub's Legal Woes Mount With New Class Suit

5/24/2016 12:33:00 PM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS

Hospital Off the Hook for Elder-Neglect Claim

5/20/2016 5:24:00 PM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS

Troopers Suspended After Car Chase Ends in Beating

5/13/2016 4:16:00 PM   PAMELA BAKER

Climate-Change Doubters|Will Get Access to Info

5/13/2016 12:46:00 PM   PAMELA BAKER

Court Clears Mojave Water Project's Hurdles

5/12/2016 6:15:00 PM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS

Hospital Wants Help on Hep-C Settlements

5/11/2016 3:59:00 PM   PAMELA BAKER

Citing Earthquakes, EPA Urged to Toughen Regs

5/9/2016 7:52:00 PM   PAMELA BAKER

Group Wants Peek at Foster Farms' Water Bill

5/4/2016 6:38:00 PM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS

Businessmen Decry Outlandish Billboards

5/2/2016 7:41:00 PM   PAMELA BAKER

'Avatar' Creators Did Not Rip Off Sci-Fi Short Story

4/26/2016 4:53:00 PM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS

Counties Fight SoCal Water Giant's Delta Grab

4/18/2016 10:58:00 PM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS

Witnesses Must Produce |Child Sex Abuse Docs

4/18/2016 6:44:00 PM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS

Teacher Who Helped Pregnant Girl Reinstated

4/13/2016 1:30:00 PM   PAMELA BAKER

CA High Court Clears Up Sitting-at-Work Rules

4/5/2016 3:51:00 PM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS

Brothers Accused of $2.7M Real Estate Scam

3/25/2016 8:11:00 PM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS

Calif. City Must Hold Vote on Pot Dispensaries

3/22/2016 4:42:00 PM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS

Court Shuts Down L.A. Weed-Delivery App

3/15/2016 6:51:00 PM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS

Busta Rhymes Sued on Protein-Shake Assault

3/9/2016 6:58:00 PM   PAMELA BAKER

Travolta Brother Dodges Plagiarism Lawsuit

3/8/2016 7:22:00 PM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS

Watchdog Sees Risk of Corruption in NY Budget

3/1/2016 8:33:00 PM   PAMELA BAKER

'Redundant' Charge Dumped in Crime Spree

2/27/2016 12:22:00 AM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS

Students Sue City to Stop Off-Campus Housing Ban

2/26/2016 9:26:00 PM   PAMELA BAKER

Judges Tosses Cabbie's Uber Lawsuit in Calif.

2/24/2016 6:25:00 PM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS

$13M Payout in LinkedIn Hacking Case Approved

2/17/2016 9:07:00 PM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS

Commercial Crabber|Fined for Overfishing

2/8/2016 4:29:00 PM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS

Vermont War Criminal Must Leave the Country

2/4/2016 6:17:00 PM   PAMELA BAKER

Call for Guillotine After Impeachment Threat

1/28/2016 10:40:00 PM   PAMELA BAKER

Judge Adds Gays & Lesbians to Title IX Discrimination Ban

12/22/2015 9:20:00 PM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS

Dems Tango on Terror-Fighting Strategies

12/21/2015 2:55:00 PM   PAMELA BAKER

Pastor Loses Appeal|Over Parental Abduction

12/18/2015 11:16:00 PM   PAMELA BAKER

Dairy Farm Shut Down Over Antibiotic Misuse

12/10/2015 10:31:00 PM   PAMELA BAKER

PETA Seeks to Block 'Pay for Play' Permits

11/30/2015 7:49:00 PM   PAMELA BAKER

Xerox Sues After Losing Big E-ZPass Contract

11/23/2015 6:24:00 PM   PAMELA BAKER

Forced to Trade Sex|for Food, Woman Says

11/16/2015 8:00:00 PM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS

'Pedophile' Police Cover-Up Alleged in Maine

11/9/2015 6:35:00 PM   PAMELA BAKER

Hysterectomy Device Spread Cancer, Man Says

10/27/2015 6:42:00 PM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS

Fatal Neglect Alleged at NH Home for Disabled

10/9/2015 6:21:00 PM   PAMELA BAKER

Freed Man Accuses Police of Mishandling Evidence

9/28/2015 4:29:00 PM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS

School Board Member Says Newspaper Defamed Him

9/23/2015 6:09:00 PM   PAMELA BAKER

LinkedIn Settles Pair of Member Class Actions

9/16/2015 6:15:00 PM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS

Biotech Execs Accused of Options Trick

8/26/2015 1:33:00 PM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS

Family Blames Police for Mother's Death

8/21/2015 11:51:00 AM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS

Sony Accused of Swiping 'Playanthropy'

8/19/2015 11:16:00 AM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS

Water Company's Santa Clara Refund Canceled

8/14/2015 5:17:00 PM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS

Sex Offender's Creepy Book Averts Porn Charges

8/1/2015 12:09:00 AM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS

Bank Manager Blames Police Missteps for Deadly Robbery

7/29/2015 6:29:00 PM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS

Man Says Cablevision Made Him a Hotspot

7/20/2015 7:08:00 PM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS

Women Sue for Right to Be Drafted in the U.S.

7/13/2015 9:23:00 PM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS

Sierra Club Fights|Coal Cars in Stockton

6/29/2015 1:22:00 PM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS

Life Upheld for Bizarre Crime of Spurned Lover

6/19/2015 8:28:00 PM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS

Justices Uphold San Jose Affordable-Housing Rule

6/17/2015 5:12:00 PM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS

American Pharoah's Owner Accused of Libel

6/5/2015 7:01:00 PM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS

NJ Mayor Blasted by Newly Resigned Councilwoman

5/13/2015 9:58:00 PM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS

EA Ducks Fraud Claims Over Botched Launch

5/1/2015 8:03:00 PM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS

Medtronic Insulin Pump Blamed for NJ Death

4/21/2015 6:39:00 PM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS

Title IX Limits Probed |in Anti-Gay Bias Case

4/21/2015 5:44:00 PM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS

LinkedIn Ducks Credit Reporting Class Action

4/15/2015 5:43:00 PM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS

Weak BMWs Trading on Pedigree, Class Says

3/16/2015 6:48:00 PM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS

County Faces Trial After Jailbird Killed Calif. Couple

1/27/2015 5:53:00 PM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS

Couple Sues Pepperdine U. Over Anti-Gay Bias

12/12/2014 5:44:00 PM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS

Twitter Still on Hook for Text Message Spamming

12/2/2014 7:59:00 PM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS

Agent's Case Against 49er Davis Heads Back to S.F.

11/24/2014 6:20:00 PM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS

Hospital Can't Duck Jail-|Suicide Claims, for Now

11/20/2014 12:48:00 AM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS

LinkedIn Still on Hook for Spamming Users' Friends

11/15/2014 12:25:00 AM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS

SEC Shutters Nationwide ATM Ponzi Scheme

11/13/2014 5:57:00 PM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS

Stockton Bankruptcy Plan Approved by Judge

10/31/2014 2:55:00 PM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS

EA Games' 'Puffery' Not Fraud, Judge Finds

10/21/2014 7:15:00 PM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS

Judge Questions County's Fault in Couple's Murder

10/20/2014 5:25:00 PM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS

Jail Suicide Claims Stick to Monterey, For Now

10/16/2014 8:37:00 PM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS

LinkedIn 'Credit Reports' Give Job Seekers Trouble

10/13/2014 6:04:00 PM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS

'Delta King' Not Historic Enough to Avoid ADA

10/2/2014 3:56:00 AM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS

No Alternative for California Judicial Council's Shortfall

9/18/2014 1:48:00 PM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS

Rutgers Hoops Players Sue the College

4/9/2014 11:52:00 AM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS

Judge Gives Stockton, Calif., Bankruptcy Relief

4/3/2013 6:12:00 PM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS

Gay 'Propaganda' Ban in Russia Raises Eyebrows

2/1/2013 10:53:00 PM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS

EU Opens Cybercrime-Fighting Support Force

1/10/2013 2:18:00 PM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS

How to Ruin a Wedding Night

1/7/2013 2:15:00 PM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS

EU Fiscal Compact Will Take Effect in New Year

12/24/2012 5:07:00 PM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS

New EU Food Rules Aim at Breast-Feeding Foes

12/21/2012 2:42:00 PM   JULIE BAKER-DENNIS