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Trump Weighs Heavy on Minds of Iowa Voters

10/23/2018 9:19:25 PM   ROX LAIRD

Anti-Abortion Group Can’t Join Iowa Legal Brawl

9/6/2018 8:23:59 PM   ROX LAIRD

Fair-Trial Concerns Raised in Murder of Iowa Student

8/29/2018 6:34:52 PM   ROX LAIRD

Sessions Slams Court Rulings Against Trump Policies

8/17/2018 8:26:02 PM   ROX LAIRD

Judge Unseals Video of Iowa Cop Killing Woman

8/15/2018 11:07:40 PM   ROX LAIRD

Iowa High Court Upholds Order Blocking Absentee Rules

8/10/2018 8:06:55 PM   ROX LAIRD

Iowa Justices Hear Fight Over Absentee Voting Rules

8/9/2018 7:17:29 PM   ROX LAIRD

Iowa Supreme Court Adds Female Justice

8/1/2018 9:59:50 PM   ROX LAIRD

Iowa Judge Blocks New Rules for Absentee Ballots

7/25/2018 8:55:19 PM   ROX LAIRD

Judge OKs Local Fireworks Restrictions in Iowa

7/20/2018 9:48:24 PM   ROX LAIRD

Challengers of Iowa Voter ID Law Advance Case

7/6/2018 11:15:15 PM   ROX LAIRD

Abortion Waiting Period Struck Down in Iowa

6/29/2018 3:27:14 PM   ROX LAIRD

Anti-Abortion Group Decries Exceptions in Iowa Law

6/20/2018 7:23:08 PM   ROX LAIRD

Hubbell Wins Iowa's Dem Primary in Record Turnout

6/6/2018 4:49:28 AM   ROX LAIRD

Iowa Judge Blocks Fetal-Heartbeat Abortion Law

6/1/2018 5:07:46 PM   ROX LAIRD

Civil Rights Group Blasts Iowa’s Voter ID Law

5/31/2018 4:59:01 PM   ROX LAIRD

Deere Worker Can’t Sue Over Discipline in China

5/21/2018 6:37:33 PM   ROX LAIRD

Iowans Slam Local Railroad Over Gruesome Accidents

5/17/2018 10:19:55 PM   ROX LAIRD

Clinics Sue Iowa Over Six-Week Abortion Ban

5/15/2018 7:19:35 PM   ROX LAIRD

Iowa Man Wins Free-Speech Case Over His City's Odor

3/30/2018 2:38:06 PM   ROX LAIRD

Iowa State Pays Pot-Reform Students $343,000 in Fees

1/10/2018 12:56:43 PM   ROX LAIRD

Iowa Lawmaker Calls Foul on State Budget Patch

1/3/2018 7:28:41 PM   ROX LAIRD

Retired Flight Attendants Tell Frontier to Pay Up

12/29/2017 6:51:07 PM   ROX LAIRD

Iowa Newspaper Prevails in Prior-Restraint Case

12/19/2017 10:56:41 PM   ROX LAIRD

Iowa Justices Put Waiting Period for Abortions On Hold

10/25/2017 5:23:12 PM   ROX LAIRD

Fireworks Retailers Take On Local Regulations in Iowa

6/20/2017 3:44:44 PM   ROX LAIRD

Disabled Iowans Challenge Privately Run Medicaid

6/14/2017 9:50:36 PM   ROX LAIRD

Justices Won’t Review Sentences for Egg Executives

5/23/2017 4:44:24 PM   ROX LAIRD